Voice Of The Heroes is a Podcast dedicated to sharing news and information about the latest television, streaming platforms, and big-screen movies to watch. Our hosts will go back and forth sharing their thoughts, opinions, and insights to help our audience find some of the best videos. If you would like to ask any questions that will appear on the show, leave a comment in one of our videos and you can be featured. https://www.youtube.com/@VoiceOfTheHeroes


Voice of the Heroes

Boruto Surpasses One Piece, John Wick 4 , TMNT Last Ronin Game Adaptation, Voice of the Heroes Ep 4

Join us this week as we discuss all the latest news and developments in the world of entertainment, Boruto surpasses One Piece in manga views and the Boruto anime part 1 has officially ended after 6 years, Johnathan Majors assault allegations, John Wick 4 does big in the box office, Fornite is peak gaming again and more! We'll get into the different aspects of each topic and analyze the impact they have on the entertainment world. So don't miss this episode of your favorite NEW podcast! Subscribe & Comment on a video for the PS5 giveaway and much more!!! https://www.youtube.com/c/VoiceOfTheHeroes
01:40:26 3/31/2023

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