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What is LaunchpadOne?

LaunchpadOne is a free platform where you can launch and host your podcast content. With easy to use and constantly evolving features, LaunchpadOne provides podcasters with a robust and flexible platform. It's also a great discovery tool for podcast lovers, with content on every topic. If it's not here - start one!

Who is LaunchpadOne For?

Podcasters -

Podcasters can use LaunchpadOne to host their podcast, publish episodes and distribute the show across listening platforms. Are you ready to take the leap? Check out all the benefits of choosing Launchpad

Listeners -

If you love podcasts, you've come to the right place. Search for topics, genres and hosts you are interested in or browse by show or category to discover your new favorite podcast.

Producers -

If you're producing multiple podcasts, take your production game to the next level with a customized subdomain, graphics, and ability to manage all your podcasts in one place. Contact us to learn more.

Advertisers -

Expand your reach by advertising across a large selection of diverse podcasts and their dedicated fans. Contact us to get started.

Where is LaunchpadOne from?

LaunchpadOne was created from the minds of a leading podcast company, PodcastOne. With years of experience creating, distributing, promoting and selling advertising in podcasts, PodcastOne knows the ins and outs of the industry to deliver the best tools for podcasters and listeners. Learn from PodcastOne staff and hosts in our learning center or find out more about PodcastOne here.

Why is LaunchpadOne Free?

PodcastOne is always looking for the next wave of great podcast talent - which could be YOU! LaunchpadOne allows PodcastOne to discover podcast talent from all over the world.

In order to keep this service completely free to you, LaunchpadOne asks for the ability to sell dynamically inserted ads into two breaks within your show. We deliver to the pre-roll and a mid-roll that you mark upon upload, so there are no intrusive interruptions.


In our effort to support podcasters in any way, LaunchpadOne offers the ability to have your listeners donate to you via our donations page or through a donate link on your LaunchpadOne show page. Link up a paypal account and you can get started! When you're supported by a listener's donation, LaunchpadOne takes a small 4% from the payout.

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