Lisa Lampanelli is now a life coach. That's right - The Queen of Mean is now The Queen of Meaning! Join Lisa each week as she sits down with a guest co-host to solve their problems as well as some of her own. She'll also be answering letters from fans to offer advice and taking calls from her actual clients to learn how she can be a better life coach. So if you have a problem - Let Lisa Help! If you don't listen, blame yourself for your horrible life.


Let Lisa Help with Lisa Lampanelli

The Forgiveness Episode with Ashley Austin Morris

Lisa and Ashley Austin Morris -- her friend-turned-enemy-turned-friend-again -- sit down and hash out how their respective intentions clashed hard enough to result in a HUUUUGE fallout, as well as how they each learned to recognize what they needed to change about themselves to help others better and collaborate respectfully.
01:01:01 9/11/2019

Past Episodes

Let Lisa Help with Lisa Lampanelli
This week on "Let Lisa Help," it's a two-for-one special! First, actor/comedian Adam Ferrara, best known from FX's "Rescue Me" and Showtime's "Nurse Jackie," talks about finding a life outside of standup comedy, the importance of his father's support in his career, and taking responsibility for the trajectory of his life. Then, comedian/SiriusXM talk-radio host Pete Dominick steps up to the mic to chat with Lisa about being the "safe" straight guy around women, the art of slam comedy among friends, and finding contentment with one's achievements in life.
01:42:33 9/4/2019
Let Lisa Help with Lisa Lampanelli
A 21-year-old with some self-awareness? Lisa actually finds one as she sits down with her client Mikey to discuss letting his walls down, moving beyond the reputation he gained from MTV's Catfish, and learning how to judge people less. Then, they show what a real coaching session with Lisa is like. Plus, Mikey uses the wisdom he's gained from Lisa to help answer questions from fans.
01:18:24 8/28/2019
Let Lisa Help with Lisa Lampanelli
This week, Lisa gets deep with the star of SiriusXM's Ron Bennington Show to discuss past-life regressions, improving your mental health while staying funny, and the art of the interview. Plus, the radio legend and comedy aficionado sticks around to give advice to listeners - and maybe make fun of them just a little.
00:59:06 8/21/2019
Let Lisa Help with Lisa Lampanelli
Life can be hard, but it helps to have someone guide you to what your head, heart, and hoo-ha all really want. And there's no one better to lead the way than Lisa's friend and life coach Lauren Handel Zander. The two discuss martyrdom, establishing boundaries, and how to find exactly what you want out of life. Plus, Lauren helps some listeners who are even more out of control than Lisa is!
01:13:58 8/14/2019
Let Lisa Help with Lisa Lampanelli
This week radio and broadcasting icon Elvis Duran sits down with Lisa. They discuss weight loss surgery, empathy and the importance of getting rid of stuff. One thing you shouldn't get rid of is Elvis' new book so make sure to pick up a copy of "Where Do I Begin."
00:00:00 8/7/2019
Let Lisa Help with Lisa Lampanelli
On this episode, Lisa chats with Matthew Sklar and Chad Beguelin, the Broadway composing twosome that brought the groundbreaking Tony-nominated "The Prom" to life. Matt talks about quitting college to follow his dreams and having parents who didn't disown him despite that decision. Then, the two talk about how they deal with disappointment in the competitive world of high-budget, high-stakes theater, and how they keep perspective and cultivate gratitude despite losses along the way.
00:59:00 7/31/2019
Let Lisa Help with Lisa Lampanelli
Having friends, making friends, and keeping friends can be difficult things to do. Enter Jane Green, 18-time New York Times best-selling author and one of Lisa's best friends in real life. She sits down to discuss The Friends We Keep, which is both the name of her new book and the topic of discussion.
01:04:00 7/24/2019
Let Lisa Help with Lisa Lampanelli

We all have deep-seated fears, and Lynette Carolla shares one of hers with Lisa — literally. Both of them worry they aren't smart enough. Lynette talks about what it's like being married to someone with a "black belt in arguments" and how thinking you know everything doesn't mean you actually KNOW everything. Listen in to see if Lisa can help!

00:54:00 7/17/2019
Let Lisa Help with Lisa Lampanelli
Lisa's guest this week is comedian Brad Williams. He has a successful comedy career, a happy marriage, a cool dog, and a nice house, so why the heck would he want your pity? Brad sits down with Lisa to talk about the intention behind people's words, having a good attitude, and the true power of REAL gratitude. He does say the "M word" a few times, but he doesn't get upset by the little things, so you shouldn't either.
01:13:00 7/10/2019
Let Lisa Help with Lisa Lampanelli
Christine Schiefer is a writer and the co-host of the podcast And That's Why We Drink. She sits down with Lisa to try and solve the problem she has of taking things personally. Plus is she a bully? Listen in to find out!
01:01:00 7/3/2019

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