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Show #26: The Machine Behind The Music

Terry Anzaldo has worked with the likes of Madonna, Alanis Morissette and Wu Tang Clan. He's also a record industry veteran who's been the Senior Vice President of Maverick Records, Vice President of RCA Records and launched the band Los 5 all the way to the iHeatRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas! He breathes music. He breads talent. He's made some legendary deals in Hollywood. He's a story-teller. He speaks from the heart. He is T.A.
01:04:00 7/23/2021

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Jeff Pope is here! 25+ years doing radio in the IE, of course he is "radio legendary." He's a married man but if he had a tinder profile, it would read something like this: I'm Jeff Pope, not related in any way to the actual Pope. My passions (besides my wife) are my dogs, hockey and RADIO. It is RARE to hear Jeff Pope outside the radio personality. But now we got to experience Jeff up close and personal. We get to hear about his hustle from when he was young in high school to becoming one of the most prominent radio figures in the IE today. Jeff was gracious enough to stay well passed his bedtime to record this show. He currently hosts the morning show weekdays on Hot 103.9!
01:27:12 6/24/2021
Radio Flyer
He helped organized and put together one of the most prominent party crews of the 1990's in Southern California. His crew launched THE most successful ALL-AGE nightclub ever to exist. Joel aka Mr. Clean and Bones brings back to life the rebel scene, the party crews, the house music, the DJ's and the nightclubs. How was it all funded? How were they able to book those historic venues at 15, 16 and 17 years old? How did this even exist without getting shut down? It's the scene no generation will ever be able to bring back. Except told in stories like this, on this episode.
00:43:24 6/15/2021
Radio Flyer
It's the symbol that represents the great state of Texas but I'm also lending the name to Jeff K, who voices the Dallas Cowboys, the Dallas Stars and Dallas radio. While he lives in Dallas, his story stretches out to LA during a time when we had a 24/7 EMD / house radio station called Groove Radio. He preaches a high degree of relevance - the importance of staying closely connected to the industry you love.
00:35:59 5/26/2021
Radio Flyer
He's saved lives, flown an F-16, hosted radio shows and makes awesome homemade chicken wings. Oh and he's also a tea enthusiast and holds his pinky up. KC Morris is on the show! From 99.1 KGGI to the streets of the IE connecting people with their first homes, my lifelong friend KC has so much to tell, and so much more to hear.
01:12:46 5/19/2021
Radio Flyer
She's a colossal sensation in many parts of the world and is beyond excited to bring it all to LA. Andrada was kind enough to share her story on how she grew into stardom, became a singer, actress, performer, all live from her bedroom at 2am Romania time. Follow her on Instagram: @thisisAndrada
00:35:55 5/13/2021
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RADIO LEGEND Mark Wallengren would write letters to his mom saying all he wanted to do in radio was to sound like himself. Much harder and much more rare than you think... yet he owned it... and honed it... for 35 years which eventually led to him getting his star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame. His story from the beginning to the present is right here!
00:42:14 4/29/2021
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Teacher by day, artist / musician by night (or all the time). Louie Bello started off as a musician and performer on the streets of Boston at only 15 years young. Little did he know he would grow up to be so much more. Now featured on all over national TV and US Weekly, he Zooms with Freddy Rivera live from his living room and shares his incredible journey and purpose.
00:20:29 4/23/2021
Radio Flyer
Alysha Del Valle, an East LA native who paved her OWN way to the top of LA. Her incredible story she shares with us includes her experiences working at LA's ABC 7, NBC 4, LATV, KIIS FM and Power 106. She's worked with some of the best in the industry including George Lopez, Big Boy and Rick Dees. Now fresh out of the pandemic, what she has next could potentially be the most exciting thing so far!
01:01:05 3/18/2021
Radio Flyer
He hosted late nights on 99.1 KGGI for years. He went on a full-fledged high school tour with his own Party Up Entertainment company. He's cultivated a following DJ'ing the IE club scene. He's now launching his own podcast and merch but most importantly, he shares his story of how Nick Nack slowly became... the Radio Rockstar he is today.
00:55:49 3/4/2021
Radio Flyer
Matt Cataldo is RELENTLESS with his take on GameStop, the stock market, where the economy is headed and why social media is hurting more than helping. The mic is hot tonight. Sit back, relax and enjoy the show. There's a lot to be heard here.
00:41:50 2/17/2021

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