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Show #32: Aron Bender

There's so much more behind the broadcaster... Aron Bender tells us. This is the foundation of what his podcast "The Aron Bender Podcast" is all about. But for us, we explore his life, his career, his family, his goals, and the state of today's broadcasting industry. He's a veteran of news broadcasting and radio. Former KFI AM 640 news anchor and reporter. He now works an an anchor for Pasadena Now, a broadcast journalist professor at University of Northridge (SCUN) and a Dad of two girls. He also drove over an hour to be here in person at our studio in Rancho Cucamonga. Its hard not to love this guy. We used to work together in Burbank. Now, we might actually have time to do what friends do... talk and catch up.
01:04:00 10/20/2021

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Freddy Rivera Podcast
As a child she braved a revolution in her home country of Albania. She survived being kidnapped while in school. An athlete in her youth. A scholarship recipient which eventually landed her in the states... just to witness the 9/11 terrorist attacks outside of her Bronx window. She nestles up in her safe haven home in California, where she eventually finds her voice and platform. She's excited to fill us in how how she wants to use her new platform to make changes not just for herself, but for human equality on a national level. We were all taken back by her story. We think you will be too.
00:48:10 10/3/2021
Freddy Rivera Podcast
What ISN'T DJ Cazel doing is the real question. At the age of 16, he had his own record label. He accomplished being one of the greatest mix DJ's the scene had ever saw. He scratched records with his elbow. He won dj battles. He's thrown his own concerts. He's launching his own artists. He's given back to his community in a BIG way. And he's here to give us an insight on his new "Souldies" project that you NEED to be in on if you like good music. Welcome DJ Cazel!
00:52:03 9/16/2021
Freddy Rivera Podcast
Jo Mo has worked with some of the GREATESTS in the radio industry, including... Art Laboe. Her upbringing alone is an incredible and unique story. She "Cher's" all on what its like to work with radio legend Art Laboe, 99.1 KGGI, living in Hollywood, and how working at Warehouse Music store changed her life and helped escalate her career to work in Los Angeles!
00:51:39 9/6/2021
Freddy Rivera Podcast
Jazzy K had to work SEVEN days a week at her dad's restaurant just to afford herself a plane ticket to LA - where there, she would further her career as an artist. I caught up with her one Thursday evening (LA time) live from her living room in Sydney, Australia to talk about her humble origins as an artists to what is was like to be in LA for the first time - to running into Cameron Diaz at a nail salon! You can hear her single "Trap House" around 19 minutes into the interview.
00:34:22 8/18/2021
Freddy Rivera Podcast
ODM of Lighter Shade of Brown is here!!! The name ODM has become synonymous with the IE. He's hosting the morning show with Evelyn Erives on 99.1 KGGI. He just released a BRAND NEW SINGLE called "Summer Souldie" on DJ Cazel's new record label. He also has his own successful YouTube channel with his wife called "RVG Fam" with over 50K subscribers! He's made himself into a well-oiled machine that has zero signs of slowing down any time soon. What a life he's had. And what a life he's living now. Please welcome, ODM!
01:06:00 8/8/2021
Freddy Rivera Podcast
Terry Anzaldo has worked with the likes of Madonna, Alanis Morissette and Wu Tang Clan. He's also a record industry veteran who's been the Senior Vice President of Maverick Records, Vice President of RCA Records and launched the band Los 5 all the way to the iHeatRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas! He breathes music. He breads talent. He's made some legendary deals in Hollywood. He's a story-teller. He speaks from the heart. He is T.A.
01:04:00 7/23/2021
Freddy Rivera Podcast
Jeff Pope is here! 25+ years doing radio in the IE, of course he is "radio legendary." He's a married man but if he had a tinder profile, it would read something like this: I'm Jeff Pope, not related in any way to the actual Pope. My passions (besides my wife) are my dogs, hockey and RADIO. It is RARE to hear Jeff Pope outside the radio personality. But now we got to experience Jeff up close and personal. We get to hear about his hustle from when he was young in high school to becoming one of the most prominent radio figures in the IE today. Jeff was gracious enough to stay well passed his bedtime to record this show. He currently hosts the morning show weekdays on Hot 103.9!
01:27:12 6/24/2021
Freddy Rivera Podcast
He helped organized and put together one of the most prominent party crews of the 1990's in Southern California. His crew launched THE most successful ALL-AGE nightclub ever to exist. Joel aka Mr. Clean and Bones brings back to life the rebel scene, the party crews, the house music, the DJ's and the nightclubs. How was it all funded? How were they able to book those historic venues at 15, 16 and 17 years old? How did this even exist without getting shut down? It's the scene no generation will ever be able to bring back. Except told in stories like this, on this episode.
00:43:24 6/15/2021
Freddy Rivera Podcast
It's the symbol that represents the great state of Texas but I'm also lending the name to Jeff K, who voices the Dallas Cowboys, the Dallas Stars and Dallas radio. While he lives in Dallas, his story stretches out to LA during a time when we had a 24/7 EMD / house radio station called Groove Radio. He preaches a high degree of relevance - the importance of staying closely connected to the industry you love.
00:35:59 5/26/2021
Freddy Rivera Podcast
He's saved lives, flown an F-16, hosted radio shows and makes awesome homemade chicken wings. Oh and he's also a tea enthusiast and holds his pinky up. KC Morris is on the show! From 99.1 KGGI to the streets of the IE connecting people with their first homes, my lifelong friend KC has so much to tell, and so much more to hear.
01:12:46 5/19/2021

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