Vleeties of TWFS and Geezy get together for a Social Commentary. We break down the Hashtags & Headlines that dominate the news cycle.


Hashtags & Headlines

Through The Zipper | Hashtags & Headlines 11/16/2021

Vleeties and Geezy get together to talk all topics including: Sports, Politics, & Pop Culture Kyle Rittenhouse Trial is in the Jury's Hands now. Geezy is half-vaxxed, why? Island Boy is a hot meme right now, let's listen to it for the first time. All that and more on the Hashtags & Headlines Join the discussion on the Vleeties Discord. Follow me on trovo.live/vleeties Watch Vleeties Live Every Tuesday and Thursday at 10 PM EST, and every Wednesday as part of the The Whole F'n Show on twfs.live.
00:00:00 11/16/2021

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