An overview of Methodism within the context of history and theology, from an evangelical Wesleyan perspective


Methodism 101

Week 5 - Yes, Virginia, United Methodists Have Doctrinal Standards

Methodism is primarily about a way of making disciples of Jesus Christ, not about a specific theological system. But that does not mean that Methodists believe whatever they want. United Methodism has specific statements of what we believe. This is a brief overview of those statements, with particular emphasis on Wesley's Articles of Religion and the Confession of Faith of the former Evangelical United Brethren Church.
00:00:00 2/9/2020

Past Episodes

Methodism 101
From the beginning, Methodism has been centered in a disciplined, organized way to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. We look at both the classical Wesleyan organization of the Methodist movement and the contemporary organization of the United Methodist Church.
00:00:00 1/30/2020
Methodism 101
An overview of the main theme of Wesleyan Christianity - grace. We look at the different ways that grace intersects with our lives from before we are born until after die, and how the Wesleyan view of grace and salvation differs from other views prevalent in Wesley's day and our own.
00:00:00 1/27/2020
Methodism 101
A brief look at the life of the man (1703-1791) who launched the Methodist movement
00:00:00 1/18/2020
Methodism 101
An overview of the roots of Methodism through the Anglican tradition. Also, we will take a brief look at the religious and cultural existence of eighteenth-century Britain, into which the Methodist revival exploded.
00:00:00 1/10/2020

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