Password Stress Survey - "Your Moment In Tech"

Kaspersky Labs reports on a survey on stress levels that our passwords cause, for a segment of "Your Moment In Tech".


Password Stress Survey - "Your Moment In Tech"

Holland America, Continues help for Ukraine Refugees

UPDATE May 12, 2022 - The City of Rotterdam is extending its charter agreement for Holland America Line's ( Volendam through Sept. 14, 2022, to house Ukrainian families. The ship has been home to around 1,200 Ukrainians since docking in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, in early April and will house up to 1,500 refugees through the extended charter, part of a larger commitment from the Netherlands to accommodate 50,000 people who fled the war in their homeland. The government originally chartered the ship through the end of June but has asked to extend it for an additional 10 weeks. Under the agreement, Holland America Line is providing hot meals, private stateroom accommodations, housekeeping services, laundry, use of public spaces, fitness facilities, internet access, and other necessities. Volendam is staffed with approximately 650 crew members. #ColoRadio #YourMomentInTech #HollandAmerica #Cruising #MSZuiderdam #Finsup #Ukraine #msvolendam
00:04:16 5/13/2022

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Password Stress Survey -
In this episode of "Your Moment In Tech" Max from Montezuma Storage .com introduces three new products to their line of storage and organizational solutions. The Portable ShopBox, The Fold Down Workstation, and the Mobile Tool Cart. Enjoy! #ColoRadio #YourMomentInTech #Montezumastorage #storage #toolbox #triangle #DIY
00:06:13 4/11/2022
Password Stress Survey -
What does it take to bring a cruise ship back online after the pandemic? Mr. Colin Jacob, Hotel Manager aboard Holland America's ( M.S. Zuiderdam, has over 24 years of experience and gives us some insights as to the responsibilities to his position, crew training, and what to expect in the future. Enjoy! #ColoRadio #YourMomentInTech #HollandAmerica #Cruising #MSZuiderdam #Finsup
00:08:54 1/31/2022
Password Stress Survey -
In this episode of "Your Moment In Tech" Holland America Cruise Line ( is having a Black Friday sale this year 2021. Erik, The Director of Public Relations for Holland, gives us the details about this year's program and the benefits. Enjoy! #ColoRadio #YourMomentInTech #HollandAmerica #Cruising #BlackFriday #Finsup
00:02:55 11/23/2021
Password Stress Survey -
What does it take to run seamless wifi aboard a cruise ship? Prashant, is Manager of IT aboard The Celebrity Equinox cruise ship ( does an on-location interview aboard the ship to tell us all about it. And what we can look forward to in the future. For this segment of "Your Moment In Tech." Enjoy! #CelebrityCruises #ColoRadio #Cruising
00:05:39 10/17/2021
Password Stress Survey -
So what type of person is a manager of a floating Hotel (read, cruise ship)? And what is needed to bring a hotel back to operational mode after the pandemic? Meet Andrea, who is the Hotel Director aboard the Celebrity Equinox, her background and some of the challenges, in this review segment of "Your Moment In Tech", Enjoy! #cruising #ColoRadio
00:00:03 10/17/2021
Password Stress Survey -
"Acronis True Image" has changed its name to "Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office". Candid stopped by to tell us the difference between the new and the old versions. And why Acronis made the change as well as what else is new on this segment of "Your Moment In Tech", enjoy! ( And OBTW Anti Virus ='s Anti Malware. #ColoRadio #acronis # Malware #antivirus
00:04:51 9/21/2021
Password Stress Survey -
In this episode of "Your Moment In Tech" we do a review of the Assistive Hearing Headset "BeHear Now" by It is a nice headset that incorporates a Bluetooth Stereo Headset (with phone), a Personal Sound Amplifier, and a Digital Assistive Listening Device. Set up is done through their Android or Ios app. Technology is through Alango Technologies, Ltd.. Enjoy! #ColoRadio #YourMomentInTech #behearnow #wearandhear #alango
00:02:18 6/14/2021
Password Stress Survey -
In this episode, of "Your Moment In Tech", we meet Silvia who is an 82-year-old grandmother who almost lost $142,000 to a tech scammer. She tells us her story and what happened afterward. And really who is Silvia?. You can follow her on her YouTube channel, "Music Is A Rainbow", also follow Jim Browning on YouTube as well. Enjoy! #Scambaiting #MusicIsARainbow #JimBrowning #ColoRadio #YourMomentInTech #Scamicide
00:05:26 2/5/2021
Password Stress Survey -
When was the last time you upgraded your WiFi Router? If it has been a while, here is a reason why you should. Also a review of the TEW-831DR AC1200 Dual Band Router, a moderately priced, entry-level WiFi 6 router. "Your Moment In Tech" Enjoy!
00:02:00 1/9/2021
Password Stress Survey -
The Solar Winds cyber-attack is now affecting us all. We talk with a Cyber Security Analyst from who shares some insight into the nature of this attack, and how to recognize it, and protect ourselves. In another segment of "Your Moment In Tech"... Enjoy #Acronis #ColoRadio #Cyber-Attack
00:05:18 12/22/2020

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