Do you enjoy science fiction mixed with social commentary and comedy? Join hosts Mike-EL, G.I.Jolie and Champ-Ian as they discuss THE ORVILLE, Seth McFarlane's hilarious trek across the stars. Each episode reviews one episode of the TV show, while examining and contrasting the series with classics like Star Trek and The Twilight Zone, as well as more recent sci-fi reboots like Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica and Blade Runner.


More-Ville Orville

Episode #36 | Future Unknown

A bang? A whimper? Or something in between? The Orville closes Season 3 (and possibly the series itself) with a grab bag of plots, jokes, rehashes, guest stars, and extended singing. Mike-EL, G.I.Jolie and Champ-Ian get together again for (possibly) the last time.
41:46:00 8/10/2022

Past Episodes

More-Ville Orville
Lemme tell ya my story, I got a man-sized predicament... The Union faces an unexpected threat.
00:38:38 8/4/2022
More-Ville Orville
It's a rich man's game, no matter what they call it. The Orville returns to the sanctuary world!
00:39:55 7/27/2022
More-Ville Orville
Let's twist again, like we did last episode. Someone gets what they always wanted.
00:33:52 7/20/2022
More-Ville Orville
Malloy or Post-Malloy? The Orville continues their hot streak of Trek-tastic episodes, this time picking up a plot thread from Season 2!
00:41:13 7/13/2022
More-Ville Orville
The Orville outdoes itself again. Topa is unhappy, and Kelly attempts to find out why.
00:52:05 7/6/2022
More-Ville Orville
It's still The Orville to me. Not one, but two surprises for Ed!
00:35:15 6/29/2022
More-Ville Orville
The crew go back to high school! G.I.Jolie, Champ-Ian & Mike-EL contemplate the current state of their favourite show.
00:31:08 6/22/2022
More-Ville Orville
"Messiah Complex" joins Champ-Ian, G.I.Jolie & Mike-EL to review the second episode of season 3. Aliens appear in Orville: The Motion Picture! (trust us on this one...) More homage and pastiche than you shake a stick at, courtesy of writers Brannon Braga, André Bormanis and director Jon Cassar.
00:38:18 6/15/2022
More-Ville Orville
Season 3 (aka: New Horizons) reviews begin here! Isaac faces hostility from the crew of the Orville, including new Navigator Charly Burke.
00:39:37 6/8/2022
More-Ville Orville
Magic mirror, on the wall... Are we in a parallel universe? Earth-3? The Twlight Zone? Star Wars?!
00:28:18 4/27/2022

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