We all have our own philosophy about life and things that we believe in and topics that we like to discuss. This podcast is about that for me. This is where I am going to talk about things in life that interest me, things that I want to learn more about, things that I think are worth discussing and in general, things that I hope you will find interesting and thought-provoking. I am Sean Street - Life Coach, Hypnotist, Mentor and Trainer - your host and long-distance friend and it is my hope that each week, we will find something current and noteworthy to talk about. Welcome!


The Sean Street Experience

Sean Street with Adam Bennett

In this episode, I talk to my good friend Adam Bennett from NSW. We talk about self-worth, we talk about some NLP concepts and a few other topics that came up as we spoke. I really hope that you enjoy this episode.
00:41:01 7/25/2020

Past Episodes

The Sean Street Experience
In this episode, I talk to my good friend Sarah Brandt of Sarah Brandt Coaching about money habits and how you can improve your mindset around money. Sarah is very skilled at managing money and gives us some great insights into how to have a better relationship with money.
00:39:42 7/22/2020
The Sean Street Experience
In this week's episode, I talk to my very good friend Alex Knysh. Alex is an Energy Coach and a Hypnosis Practitioner practicing in Sydney. She uses Coaching, Hypnosis, Reiki and other modalities and she gets great results with her clients when she works with them. Meditation and Mindfulness are two similar yet different techniques that can be used separately or in conjunction with each other to promote peace and calm in all aspects of your life.
00:31:33 7/1/2020
The Sean Street Experience
In this episode, I explain a powerful behavioural model called Above the Line - Below the Line to describe the ways people tend to either respond or react to events and situations that are going on around them. Deciding to live below the line can lead you to stress, overwhelm and burnout. Living above the Line can give you opportunities to be calm, relaxed, confident and in control - and who doesn't want to feel more in control right? I hope you get a lot our of this episode. It is short, but powerful. Thanks for listening.
00:12:13 5/29/2020
The Sean Street Experience
In this week's episode, I talk about negative self-talk and the different ways that it can impact your enjoyment of life. Negative self-talk can be absolutely debilitating and can stop us getting any real joy out of life. This week, I give you several strategies and techniques to change the way you talk to yourself and how you can break the habit of negative self-talk. Implementing these strategies can change your life!
00:24:22 5/20/2020
The Sean Street Experience
In this week's episode, I introduce a very special guest, my good friend Sarah Brandt. Sarah is the CEO and Founder of Brandt's Coaching, helping people who are stuck in a dissatisfying position and scared to take action, find a fulfilling career that is right for them and make it happen.  After being made redundant from her corporate HR role after 7 years with the same company, Sarah overcome her own fear and uncertainty to find and live her purpose everyday. Sarah is an awesome coach and in this episode, she and I discuss procrastination and talk about some tips and techniques for stopping the habit of putting things off until later.
00:23:41 5/11/2020
The Sean Street Experience
In this week's episode, I give you a little bit of my story and why I am here doing this podcast. Some of you may relate to my story - others may not. I put it in just so that you have a bit of an idea about who I am and why I do what I do. Then, I give you some specific strategies and techniques for handling the tough times when they come into your life. I talk about how you can change the way you see what's going on around you and how you can better see what's going on right in front of you. The things that most of us miss. You don't want to miss this episode!
00:19:30 4/29/2020
The Sean Street Experience
In this episode, I talk about how we learn new things, which leads to the reason I named the show "Reroute Your Brain". It's a shorter episode, but still filled with useful information that explains the stages of learning that we go through and how that plays out for us through our lives. for those who like to read things - I'll be creating a blog post from this episode and posting that on my website. Once that is done, I'll post the link in these show notes. Welcome to my new podcast. I truly and deeply hope that you'll find it useful.
00:07:14 4/28/2020

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