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Falling Down with David Han

Insurrectile Dysfunction

You know what I'm talking about, plus new trash TV.
00:00:00 1/22/2021

Past Episodes

Falling Down with David Han
I kick off 2021 by shit talking the concept of gluten-free and roll my eyes at doing away with sex on birth certificates.
00:00:00 1/5/2021
Falling Down with David Han
I talk Trump's impact, Nate Robison's betrayal of Black Twitter, and tokenism in major college football.
00:00:00 12/2/2020
Falling Down with David Han
I return, under what feel like a perpetual cold, to talk about things that have already been talked about up to this point. Listen anyway
00:00:00 11/18/2020
Falling Down with David Han
I give my worthless opinion on the 2020 election and react to The Bachelorette... that my wife forces me to watch.
00:00:00 11/6/2020
Falling Down with David Han
This week I talk about firing a shotgun for the first time ever, having a life too big for a station wagon, and California's further descent into retardation. I thought I would keep this under 20 minutes but I seemingly couldn't STFU.
00:00:00 10/21/2020
Falling Down with David Han
I drone on about what not to do at the carwash, how to solve male cancers, and the new life hack for finding good Chinese food.
00:00:00 10/12/2020
Falling Down with David Han
I soberly talk about the first presidential debate, Trump's taxes, and more bad television. Even I don't like hearing myself when I'm sober, good luck.
00:00:00 9/30/2020
Falling Down with David Han
I rant about Chinese food, fat shaming, and asian racial slurs
00:00:00 9/23/2020
Falling Down with David Han
I ramble incoherently about gender reveal parties, over-priced gym clothes, the stupid people behind social unrest, and I keep shitting on the WNBA
00:00:00 9/15/2020
Falling Down with David Han
It's happening, bitches!! I offer you the smoldering pile that is my intro into the world of every damn person already has a podcast. This episode's inebriation brought to you by The Irishman Founders Reserve.
00:21:55 9/8/2020

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