Need to make some new friends? Join the 3 'Good Friends' Michael, Annemarie, and Trina every Wednesday as they try to navigate through the most experimental, amazing, tragic, & interesting decade of their life: Their 20's. Each episode contains wild stories, helpful advice, games, & lots of laughs with guest friends. If you're needing a new friend group or just like being nosy and listening to other people's conversations then you can definitely sit with us. Follow us on Instagram @suchagoodfriend


Such a Good Friend Podcast

Such a Good Clown Orgy

In this season 2 Halloween special, Annemarie and Michael share some horrifying kissing moments, do some Halloween trivia, and play the ultimate Halloween Kill, F*ck, and Marry.
01:07:00 10/27/2021

Past Episodes

Such a Good Friend Podcast
Oh how we all love talking sh*t with old coworkers. First guest on season 2 of 'Such a Good Friend Podcast' is the one and only Heather Monroe. Heather shares her story on how she became very in touch with her spiritual side, joins in on some role playing scenarios, and helps give some advice.
01:21:49 10/13/2021
Such a Good Friend Podcast
Everyone loves a Sunday Funday! In this episode the 3 friends share their Sunday funday plans and discuss some hot topics like new Britney Spears conservator news, super bowl halftime show, and the Bill Cosby's thoughts on R.Kelly's conviction.
00:47:11 10/5/2021
Such a Good Friend Podcast
In this episode Michael and Annemarie discuss the court dates for pop legend Britney Spears and the pathetic loser R.Kelly. Also Annemarie has some exciting news to share! Yes we are aware of the mic issue.
00:38:17 9/29/2021
Such a Good Friend Podcast
In this highly inappropriate episode the good friends talk about the latest gossip surrounding Nicki Minaj's claims about the vaccine. They go for round 2 of the infamous game 'Did this arrest happen in Florida'. Also the 3 share their stories about a time they went number 2 everywhere but the bathroom.
01:00:15 9/22/2021
Such a Good Friend Podcast
Throwback to a never before heard episode with Michael and Annemarie. The good friends talk about infamous cults in one of the first episodes that they ever recorded!
00:31:11 9/13/2021
Such a Good Friend Podcast
In this clip Michael and Trina contemplate No-Shave November, what it is to be a "swinger", & play the Dealbreaker game. With guest cohost Chyanne & guest friend Rina.
00:22:51 9/13/2021
Such a Good Friend Podcast
On this episode the 3 friends dive deep into the conversation about narcism and covid vaccinations. Also play a very disturbing game of would you rather.
01:08:52 9/10/2021
Such a Good Friend Podcast
On this episode join us on a spiritual awakening with our good friend Zsakeia.
01:13:10 11/11/2020
Such a Good Friend Podcast
Scary stories, Kelly Rowland's role in Freddy vs. Jason, Trina's frightening love life, and Kill, f*ck, marry movie villains. You're in for a Halloween treat.
01:09:14 11/8/2020
Such a Good Friend Podcast
In this episode Mikey & Trina are quizzed and joined by there good friend since high school Chyanne. Trina gives an update on her dating life. Also the 3 gives some really good advice.
01:05:47 11/8/2020

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