The Hottest little rock'n'roll show in the world! Hot Trax


Hot Trax

Diamond 2 - 1-2020

USA Championship Wrestling 2-1-2020 Covington High School Gym. Covington, Tn. 803 S.Collage St. Jerry "The King" Lawler Vs. "Luverboy" Mat Riviera Plus The Return of JP Diamond with Matt Starr!! Plus lots more action !!! 7p.m. Bell time Tic $10.
00:00:53 1/6/2020

Past Episodes

Hot Trax
First Hot Trax of 2020!! New Dirty Honey, Rival Sons And Daughtry. Triple threat of Nickelback Double shot of The Killers. New Wolfmother and much more. Plus people not listening to Hot Trax and The return of Diamond to the ring!!
01:06:54 1/6/2020
Hot Trax
New Hot Trax Christmas Kinda . New Hootie and the Blowfish Doubles shot of John Melloncamp and Eddie Money. Black Croews and much more. Also people not listing to Hot Trax… Crank it up !!
01:09:08 11/21/2019
Hot Trax
Hot Trax Spot
00:00:30 11/18/2019
Hot Trax
Hot Trax Ladies Only. Joan Jett, Cher in the Triple Threat and Double shots of Tina Turner and Stevie Nicks! Lots More!!
01:10:02 8/20/2019
Hot Trax
New Goo Goo Dolls. New Daughtry. Led Zeppelin in the Triple Threat and Winger and The Romantics in the Double Shots. New Lumineers and New Sheryl Crow!! Plus much more!!!
01:15:51 7/2/2019
Hot Trax
New Hot Trax with The Kinks, Double Shot of Elton John and The Cult Triple Threat of Van Halen (Sammy) Kid Rock Much More!!!!!
01:13:03 6/4/2019
Hot Trax
New Motley Crue, John Kilzer and 2 Double Shots and a Triple Threat Shinedown ,Tom Petty, ZZ Top and The Revivalists
01:17:06 4/9/2019
Hot Trax
Hot Trax goes Blues! B.B.King, Etta James, Buddy Guy and more!
00:47:23 2/5/2019
Hot Trax
First Hot Trax of 2019! AC/DC, Green Day, Greta Van Fleet and much more. 2 double shots and a triple threat. The Hottest Little Rock'N'Roll Show In The World!
01:05:00 1/10/2019
Hot Trax
The Hottest Little Rock'n'Roll show in The World
01:09:43 8/30/2018

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