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Episode 19: Cheez All That

A moving update from Jess (as in, she's moving to a new house, not she's giving you an update that will move you to feel an emotion), Chris makes a friend in the restroom, hypocrisy, insulting people from other regions, aaaaaaaaand we lost Chris.
01:11:42 3/26/2023

Past Episodes

This week, The Wits go over the effects of Daylight Saving Time, the directions in which people pee, Chris learns some new things about a woman's anatomy, Wally's health stuff, Chris drops his digits, and the people -- real and fake -- that you find on social media. If you enjoy listening to our show, please rate and review us on Apple Podcasts (even if you listen on an Android phone) so other people can join the fun!
01:30:16 3/19/2023
In a shocking turn of events, Chris is late. The guys rectify a missed opportunity regarding Jess and her crawlspace, plus artificial intelligence in radio (and we're not even talking about live radio personalities), andYouTubing stuff professional people do.
00:57:53 3/12/2023
The secret to getting your review to show up on Apple podcasts, SNL is stealing our stuff, Jess has a traumatic parking garage experience, the KKK, Chris discovers Buccees, and speaking of beaver nuggets.... If you're loving what we do, please go to Apple Podcasts (even if you listen somewhere else) and rate and review us -- it's not just good for our egos, it helps other people find us too! And follow us on the socials! Facebook: CheezWitsPod Instagram and Tik Tok: @cheezwits
01:28:59 3/5/2023
The wits cover working with different generations, exes, the Maryland accent, Wally learns what "that" word means, and.... is that... a penis joke?
01:05:04 2/26/2023
Meth in the water. Jess shits in a box, the many voices of Chris's doctor, and why we'll be calling Chris Tater Stud from now on. Plus, the Chinese spy balloon and listeners who've made us uncomfortable. If you laugh even once, would you consider hopping onto iTunes/Apple Podcasts and leaving us a rating and review? If you need help figuring it out, shoot us a DM on instagram or facebook!
01:22:59 2/19/2023
Fart stories (yep, again), therapy, and the unusual way Jess once got a job (but she wouldn't recommend it). If you're loving CheezWits as much as we're loving making it, please rate and review us on Apple Podcasts (even if you aren't an apple user -- it just takes iTunes and an apple ID, and those are free!) so more people can find the funny. Thanks!
00:57:04 2/12/2023
Chris has TSA troubles, Jess creates a video series for husbands, and Wally takes some suggestive photos.... of penguins. Plus, does water have flavor? These hard hitting topics and more on this week's episode.
00:53:34 2/5/2023
Bet ya didn't know the Wits all have criminal backgrounds. We talk about it, plus high school friends and former coworkers, Wally's 70s porn hair, Jess's adventures in dating apps, and Chris finally takes a break from making bowling alley pizzas to join the conversation.
01:03:43 1/29/2023
Fast food, corporal punishment, sexy time at radio stations, and the trouble with being famous -- it's all covered in this week's episode. OH. And we need ratings and reviews, please. Even if you're an Android person, do it in iTunes so more people can find us!
01:25:41 1/22/2023
The Wits are joined by special guest Brad, Jess meets a potential new neighbor, Wally learns some technology, Brad introduces the super hero of the common man. And then there are farts. So, Many. Farts.
01:35:10 1/15/2023

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