Think of it like a radio morning show without the early hours and all that annoying music. If cheesy crackers were people.... they'd be Chris, Wally, and Jess. You're gonna laaaaaaaaaugh.



Make Radio Grate Again

This week the Wits pull back the curtain on the radio business -- including pooping on the job, working for Satan, on-air F-bombs, and the real reason for Christmas music on the radio. And yes, Chris DID say he thought gravy would come out of his future mother-in-law's leg. It's ok. We're shaking our heads, too.
01:11:59 11/27/2022

Past Episodes

Meet Wally, Jess, and Chris. This week we talk voting, tourists, dating horror stories, crazy neighbors, men with emotions, and why you can or cannot say "master bedroom" in 2022.
00:56:07 11/20/2022
Just a quick introduction.
00:00:27 11/20/2022

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