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We're three friends who met doing radio together (well, Wally and Jess did, and Jess and Chris did). We cover everything from bad dates and pooping in public to the news of the day and what it's like to work in radio. We WILL make you laugh, possibly as much AT us as WITH us -- we're that funny (not just funny looking). Bring your sense of humor! It's called comedy, people. (We might also make you think about some more serious stuff, but don't hold that against us)

Warning: we cuss. A lot. Adjust your listening accordingly. 

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Episode 46: Neufchatel Us About It

Toenails. That one hair. Nose hairs. Pranks, Lauren Boebert, whispering the bad stuff, a coven of friends, Wally is chatty, songs you could sing along with as a kid that allowed you to swear legally, when rich people complain about the cost of things, radio stuff, and assorted other tomfoolery. If you giggle, laugh, snicker, chortle, or even guffaw while listening, would you please leave us a rating and review on Apple Podcasts?
01:11:24 10/1/2023

Past Episodes

How often do Wally and Chris think about the Roman Empire? Jess uses her angry woman voice, Wally's white socks getting attention, smelling shoes, Wally has questions about flip flops, deodorant has a political party, streaming services and commercials, filmstrip porn, reality TV, Wally revives an old joke that should have stayed dead, hot flashes, and do doctors write non-medical things about us in our charts?
01:05:43 9/24/2023
Fondue. No, really. Scamming the scammers, pranks, insurance companies, doctors, the change, women and pain tolerance, and, of course, diarrhea (cha cha cha).
00:58:27 9/17/2023
This week, we talk about the joys of aging, Cliff Claven visits Wally, bad dreams, men who can... uh... pleasure themselves, delivery issues, Chris and Jess save Wally from a scammer, if cocaine were marketed to women, the clothes that were popular in our youth, the things the guys would do for a Shoney's breakfast buffet (again). There's more, but c'mon. Ya just gotta listen.
00:59:11 9/10/2023
Wally's fat snake, how we came up with the name of the show, we trash THREE more potential sponsors, Jess almost destroyed a marriage and then saved it at the same time, the things Wally and Chris would do to a hot fudge cake at Bob's Big Boy, the other places we all used to love to eat, Chris goes to Canada and sees how different things are, things that are or are not offensive, and so much more fun packed into one show, you'll hardly believe your luck. P.S. Happy Labor Day -- may you not have to labor at all.
01:14:53 9/3/2023
It was National Radio Day (whether you care or not), 976 numbers for psychics (and others), endorsing sex toys and psychics on the air, when you can't get a table at a restaurant if your last name is White, bad movies, we come up with a BRILLIANT idea for a new website, fudge rounds, stupid taxes, people who were paid to request songs from radio stations, Presidents and prices, "pick me" women like the one Jess's ex is with, smells that comfort you, cigarettes, and of course, Chris's dirty dad joke. Hey, if you like us, we'd sure appreciate a rating and review on Apple Podcasts. K, thanks.
01:22:35 8/27/2023
The (not really) surprising reason Chris was late, Wally wants Jess to dress up her robot vac (Gail, obviously) as a maid, yellow American cheese vs white American cheese, the dos and don'ts of potato and macaroni salads, the lost art of the head nod, earthquakes and other natural disasters, unmarked police cars, and Wally is the new Chris. We'd be so grateful if you'd leave us a rating and review on Apple Podcasts and follow us on all the socials @CheezWits.
01:14:05 8/20/2023
A friend fills in for Chris, Wally goes elbow deep in doo doo, water drinking preferences, the trouble with pants shopping, when your jam comes on at the grocery store, Jess won't take the pickle, the art of the sandwich, THE Nashville hot chicken story, when the cost of living doesn't match income for anyone, when two scoops of raisins just aren't enough, life before the younger generations got here, using your phone in public, and way, way more.
01:23:16 8/13/2023
In this week's episode, the Wits cover scammers, Wally almost gets into a girl fight, the Barbie movie, offensive radio people (besides us), Wally has cell phone problems, Jess has fence problems, people camping in Walmart parking lots, men washing their asses, liberals vs conservatives, how many times can Wally say "pickle park," fans who get mad, radio promotions we never did, and much more. It's ridiculous how much more, really.
01:20:56 8/6/2023
Jess gets a new toy, we rely too much on technology, Wally's daughter finds a creeper, Jess might need to find a new Kroger, the rules we won't follow at stores that make us do their jobs, Wally's sticky new side hustle, the Jason Aldean situation, spin on the radio, when radio helps the community, Jess is NOT a morning person, and how the hell did we go from the TSA to girls who sell their farts in jars?
01:17:38 7/30/2023
How Wally tried to kill Jess, none of us runs, Wally's exhibiting signs of wealth, Wally predicts the future, the good ice, foods you should never order at fast food restaurants, asking Facebook for medical advice, racists, thoughts and prayers, intent versus literal impact, Wally's wife monitors police scanners, Jess doesn't pay attention to details, Chris shares a dad joke before Chris and Wally sing us out. If you've gotten a smidge of entertainment out of this episode, would you consider leaving us a rating and review on Apple Podcasts? K, thx.
01:07:39 7/23/2023

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