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Episode 74: Rubbed The Wrong Whey

Jess NEEDS to say something about Wally's movie clips and subsequent computer skills, Chris has another medical update, Jess celebrates an anniversary, old age and forgetfulness, dog names, music we know and like, that broad from Maine defending the Nazis, our forgetfulness in action, Chris revisits Genesis, religious broadcasters, interactions with police, Jess meets a neighbor who was afraid to ring her doorbell, and Chris gives away too much information. If you love us, or even if you just think listening to us isn't a terrible way to spend an hour and a little, please leave us a rating and review on Apple Podcasts!
01:16:24 4/14/2024

Past Episodes

Wally has technical difficulties, Jess gets a message about the show that may or may not be an April Fool's joke, Chris is an "implementer," crappy reasons to get fired in radio, boobs were different in the '70s, Wally out-one leg's a one-legged woman, the new Bibles, Chris's Trump sounds like Regis, problems with companies, Jess has travel horror stories, hoarders, how a phone update crippled Wally, tomboy actresses, hackers, and the many reasons why radio is interesting. We'd love you forever if you left us a rating and review on Apple Podcasts!
01:22:17 4/7/2024
We're a day late, but for a very good reason (which you can hear about in next week's episode). Updates on Jess's and Chris's health, aging, internet scams and verification questions, people who don't get the joke, the Indigo Girls and Wally is a lesbian trapped in a man's body, Canadian police safety recommendations, old TV shows, Garth Brooks's new bar, charitable donations, and in a shocking turn of events, we lost Chris.
01:21:34 4/1/2024
Technical difficulties mean we lost the first 20 minutes we recorded, but lucky for you, we captured the rest: Jess has bronchitis, Chris is getting a colonoscopy, Wally and his wife celebrate an anniversary and he's still trying to turn her off, the pharmacies and insurance companies, you know Jess is sick when she doesn't have it in her to complain, automation hell, actual GOOD customer service, AI replacing humanity, generations before us became parents so young, POS cars with expensive upgrades, getting overserved at bars, and going out in popular cities and staying safe.
01:02:10 3/24/2024
Wally and Jess find out how emotionally secure they are, multitasking killed Wally's job chances, Chris gives a health update, Don Knotts, Detroit, taxes, rich people, how big companies treat their employees, Jess shocked everyone by calling Wally, the Facebook and Instagram outage conspiracy, pot shops, Jesus smoked pot and ate hummus, Chris just found out about the talking snake in the garden of Eden, things heard at Country Radio seminar, recycling, Tennessee's going backwards, and the thing we all remember from the Brady Bunch. Hey, help us out and leave us a rating and review on Apple Podcasts (even if you listen somewhere else). It's free, and you don't even have to use your real name, which is good because we wouldn't want to let people know we listen to this crap, either.
01:18:41 3/17/2024
Chris has a thing, Jess faces off with an angry little man, Wally makes it to the next round, radio names, being radio famous, Jess has a different kind of neighbor drama, women who apologize, Wally loves to talk (shocking, no?), people who challenge authority and why Wally associates them with pronouns, coaching radio talent, Chris takes on Father Time at the bowling alley, satire sites, another stupid law in Tennessee, Jess refuses to let Wally drag her into another argument, and that basically ends the episode. 
01:15:17 3/10/2024
Wally communicates with Gail, daylight savings is coming again, Wally gets a callback, Jack Black yielding his power in Pennsylvania, the Reesa Teesa Tik Tok saga, Chris hits up a drive thru, taxes and insurance, Jess tries to avoid all people while checking the mail, family is... well, you know, the songs that wouldn't die, Chris sells us microphones, passwords we can't remember, Jess represents on an industry conference panel, women are underrepresented in country music, radio stuff we shouldn't do anymore, and Taylor Swift haters make no sense.
01:15:20 3/3/2024
Wally shows up in his drawers, Chris shows up eventually, Bo Duke compares Beyonce to a dog, Natalie Maines shoulda shut up, pharmacies and insurance companies are the worst, Wally gets FEMA assistance, Tennessee doesn't care about your tires, aging ain't for the weak, Wally has a job interview and he's bringing his assumptions with him, meat-eating lesbians, Jess has a PSA for men, commercials for personal hygiene products, cooking for one, Wally needs phone help, and Chris has BINGO problems, but not Dad jokes.
01:22:16 2/25/2024
Gutfield vs Taylor Swift, tuna at Subway, chicken at various fast food places, germs on planes, old movies and the things they got away with, football and gambling, the guys have unflattering nicknames for their wives, Wally's son preps for the end of the world, Taylor Swift telling us who to vote for, Kiefer Sutherland or Martin Sheen should be president, John Houseman commercials, football snacks, Wally says his wife can't cook, how Chris feels about egg salad, fast food grossness, grocery store problems, Wally comes to the defense of the underprivileged old white dudes, the Harlem Cultural Festival you never heard of, the town of Gay, how we're (obviously) a breath of fresh air, and why Chris drinks girly drinks.
01:29:57 2/18/2024
Man colds (and "Flu B"), Luke Combs and Tracy Chapman and Wally's thoughts that make Jess roll her eyes, flight layovers that make no sense, buying a house on Amazon, houses with former slave quarters and underground railroad tunnels, that time Wally got shot, the "best of" awards in the town where Jess and Chris used to work together (and when Jess won it after she left the station), crack (no the other kind), the multiple uses for sweatpants, sexual harassment by strangers and cohosts, Chris says he lived a letter to Penthouse, the actors on Wally's and Chris's man crush list, insurance companies are the worst, and the Taylor Swift Super Bowl conspiracy. (Note: this episode was recorded on February 4th, so the mention of Toby Keith fighting stomach cancer happened the day before his passing)
01:16:54 2/11/2024
We start right off with shots fired, Wally responds to a nine-year-old Facebook memory, radio people don't follow directions, Wally's computer skills, more of Chris's parents' hoard, the Chris Young arrest,  maybe we should talk about radio more, Wally falls for fake news, gentleman callers, and the stuff you CAN'T say. 
01:21:18 2/4/2024

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