The Brovivor Podcast Network is happy to release it's new show "Trivial Tournament". Each episode see hosts navigate a pop culture tournament. Who is the best Disney character, greatest sports moment or best fast food chain? Come here each week to be part of the bracket.


Trivial Tournament

Kids TV show bracket part 2

The team breaks down the second segment of the kids TV bracket. The first round matchups this episode include Pokemon vs Phil of the future Powerpuff girls vs grim adventures of Billy and Mandy Recess vs Jimmy neutron boy genius Teenage mutant Ninja turtles vs true Jackson VP Hannah Montana vs lilo and stich Ben 10 vs Danny phantom Wild throneberry vs Ed edd Eddy Phineas and Ferb vs courage the cowardly dog
00:53:50 4/27/2020

Past Episodes

Trivial Tournament
It's time for the undisputed #1 kids tv show to be determined. Andrew, JB, Joe, Newz and Wyatt break down the first 16 shows in the bracket and bring that number down to 2. This is episode 1 in our five part series. Credit to twitter user @jackacoyle for the list of shows which we re-seeded for the tournament based on episodes aired.
00:52:28 4/20/2020
Trivial Tournament
Today we find out the undisputed best Disney character of all time from a list of 16. Join Andrew, JB and Joe hosted by Wyatt and they filter threw the bracket to crown the best character. Bracket (1) Mickey Mouse vs(16) Genie (8) Woody vs (9) Buzz (5) Ariel vs (12) Dory (4) Snow white vs (13) Seven Dwarfs (6) Winnie the Pooh vs (11) Pinocchio (3) Cinderella vs (14) Belle (7) Pocahontas vs (10) Elsa (2) Mufasa vs Baloo
00:59:53 4/10/2020

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