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Blonde Summit Podcast

015 - Marriage

Rosie & Vicky share their thoughts on weddings, marriage & divorce. Sex before marriage? Signing a prenup if your significant other asked? And is divorce out of the question? Also in this weeks episode the girls discuss conservatorship abuse as Jamie Spears FINALLY steps down as Britney's conservator, bridezillas, dream weddings, celebrity marriages and MORE!
00:57:05 8/17/2021

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Blonde Summit Podcast
Rosie & Vicky are back! "Bennifer" buying a house together? Jamie Spears is claiming his daughter Britney is off her meds and Matt Damon has an F-word controversy. Also in this weeks episode, Vicky talks about her recent trip to Italy, new Sex and the City scripts have leaked, Scarlett Johansson is suing Disney, Free Cuthbert, ASMR and MORE!
00:47:48 8/11/2021
Blonde Summit Podcast
Introducing Blonde Summit's very first guest... YouTube & Twitch streamer Darren from Republic of Play! In this weeks episode, Rosie sits down with her boyfriend to chat about some of the biggest misconceptions about being a content creator and making money on YouTube. Also in this weeks episode; 7 Blonde Questions, getting back with an ex, horoscopes & superstitions, couple nicknames and MORE!
00:32:31 7/27/2021
Blonde Summit Podcast
In this weeks episode, after a hectic day at work, Rosie & Vicky reveal whether or not their daily horoscopes came true and explore different superstitions from around the world. Also in this weeks episode the Sex and the City reboot has officially been announced, Jamie Lynn Spears is writing a tell-all?! Banshee, Evil Eyes, Angelina Jolie, Harry Styles! Broken mirrors, Britney Spears, owls indoors and MUCH MORE FEARS!
00:53:50 7/14/2021
Blonde Summit Podcast
Rosie & Vicky reminisce over Sex and the City, talk about the show's upcoming reboot and whether or not Kim Cattrall will return as Samantha. Also in this weeks episode the girls discuss horoscopes, personality traits and star signs. Britney Spears' request to remove her father as her conservator has been denied, Ed Sheeran debuts a new look for a music video and Demi Lovato has a new talk show... and MORE!
01:03:33 7/6/2021
Blonde Summit Podcast
Rosie & Vicky talk about Britney Spears finally speaking out in court, ending her conservatorship and suing her family. Also in this weeks episode the girls share their worst date stories, the Love Island cast has been revealed, the Kardashians are finally coming clean and Vicky may have just found her Prince Charming... and MORE!
00:50:25 6/29/2021
Blonde Summit Podcast
Vicky introduces Rosie to the glamorous world of Love Island! The girls discuss what dating shows they would like to be a contestant on & how they would avoid reality TV drama... or stir up trouble! Also in this weeks episode; Love Island lingo, Five Guys A Week, Dating Around, Beauty & The Geek, Love Is Blind and a Celeb Catch-Up where the girls give updates on Britney Spears' conservatorship, Kourtney Kardashians relationship with Travis Barker, Megan Fox & Machine Gun Kelly and MORE! Visit or Call 116 123 for free. Visit or Call 0300 123 6600.
01:00:01 6/22/2021
Blonde Summit Podcast
Rosie & Vicky finally reveal their thoughts on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Is it all just a big show for the cameras or did they really struggle living as Royals? Also in this weeks episode Vicky's picnic gets rated, Greek Word of the Week, Kanye West & Irina Shayk dating rumours and Keeping Up With The Kardashians finally comes to an end... and MORE!
00:53:51 6/15/2021
Blonde Summit Podcast
The girls breakdown Scott Disick's new relationship with 19 year old Amelia Hamlin & discuss the different standards between men and women when it comes to dating. Rosie shares her latest celebrity crush and Vicky talks turn-ons when dining out! Also in this weeks episode Kathy Hilton joins The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Rachel Bilson responds to Mischa Barton's claims of bullying on the O.C. set, actress Kate Winslet fights back against the entertainment industry after a director tried to "edit out her bulge" and MORE!
00:51:20 6/8/2021
Blonde Summit Podcast
In this weeks episode it's reunion season! Rosie & Vicky share their excitement for The Hills returning to TV with it's OG cast, the FRIENDS reunion special and ask whether or not it's right to keep a gift from an ex when you're in a new relationship? Also in this weeks episode the girls reminisce about The Hills cast legends Lauren Conrad, Heidi Montag & Audrina Patridge, the FRIENDS cast - where are they now? Vicky's painful Botox experience and MORE!
01:01:07 6/1/2021
Blonde Summit Podcast
Rosie & Vicky reveal how much they would share on OnlyFans & what freaky fetishes they would take part in for content. Also in this weeks episode; kinky photo shoots, sugar daddies, Amsterdam's Red Light District, Ariana Grande getting married to Dalton Gomez, Ben Affleck's BFF Matt Damon responds to "Bennifer" reunion rumours and MORE!
00:48:42 5/25/2021

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