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Episode 15: 1999's supernatural thrillers, The Blair Witch Project vs. The Sixth Sense

The summer of 1999 saw two supernatural horror movies explode onto theater screens and set new box office records: The Blair Witch Project and The Sixth Sense! Find out some behind-the-scenes facts, hear which you voted for as your favorite ... and have they aged well? (And those Blair Witch sequels...) All of this and more!
00:41:21 7/29/2021

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Silver Screeners
The Bruce Willis flick is top-tier holiday entertainment, and the Gary Cooper/Grace Kelly morality tale that is cleverly disguised as a Western delivers suspense in its own way. Fun behind-the-scenes facts about both films, along with a look at how they reflect and connect to each other! (For the record, yes: Die Hard most definitely is a Christmas season movie...)
00:41:42 7/22/2021
Silver Screeners
My first guest - lawyer, judge, and published author R. Marc Kantrowitz - and I discuss his book Old Whiskey and Young Women: American True Crime Tales of Murder, Sex, and Scandal! You'll hear about the alleged crimes and subsequent trials of both swashbuckling action star Errol Flynn and Cheryl Crane, the daughter of Oscar nominee Lana Turner. https://www.amazon.com/Old-Whiskey-Young-Women-American-ebook/dp/B01AOPWVFC/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=kantrowitz+old+whiskey+and+young+women&qid=1626492024&s=books&sr=1-1
00:31:44 7/16/2021
Silver Screeners
In this mostly spoiler-free episode, we pay tribute to director Richard Donner by revisiting the one and only Superman: The Movie! Behind-the-scenes fun facts, a look at the origins of the character ... and an admission of a years-long personal fear that is actually in the movie and created a lot of nightmare fuel!
00:31:32 7/10/2021
Silver Screeners
In this spoiler-free episode, we go back to the summer of 1994 to revisit two box office behemoths that roared their way through the box office! Behind-the-scenes fun facts, plus the reveal of which one you voted for as your top choice!
00:28:48 7/3/2021
Silver Screeners
Introducing the "Big 10" format for some good behind-the-scenes fun facts. Plus, which Goonie did you vote to be the all-time favorite? What is the correct answer to episode 9's trivia question on Sean Connery? And send your response in to the latest one: Name the 1970s kids' TV show that Sloth is quoting when he bellows, "Hey, you guuuuuys..."
00:41:23 6/25/2021
Silver Screeners
In time for Father's Day weekend, 10 memorable movie dads/father figures! The names of the characters and actors who play them, choice lines of dialogue - plus, listeners share their top picks, and last episode's trivia winners are announced.
00:30:45 6/18/2021
Silver Screeners
A tip of the fedora to Indiana Jones on the 40th anniversary of Raiders of the Lost Ark! On June 12, 1981, Indy first cracked his bullwhip on movie screens, and Harrison Ford had another blockbuster franchise to add to his resume. We take a look at how the idea of a globetrotting archaeologist/adventurer first came about, the casting, the costume design, the sound effects, and the film's most memorable moments!
00:33:30 6/11/2021
Silver Screeners
My first film in a theater in 14 months: A Quiet Place II! Minor spoilers in discussing reactions. Plus, a fond trip back (with minor spoilers) to 1984 and The Neverending Story. Thoughts from an adult perspective, cast updates ... and confirmation that "Moonchild" is the name of Bastian's mother - not "Montreal."
34:26:00 6/4/2021
Silver Screeners
In this spoiler-free episode, we dive headfirst into the supernatural horror sub-genre with thoughts on the upcoming Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It and a look back at the pre-PG-13 days of 1982 and a visit with the hit (and admittedly dated) movie Poltergeist! Thoughts on the cast, director Tobe Hooper vs. producer Steven Spielberg, little Heather O'Rourke's proclamation that "they're heeere," behind-the-scenes stories ... and the family patriarch's WTF expression-inducing words of comfort to his thunderstorm-fearing boy: "I'm the wind, and you're the feather..."
00:30:47 5/28/2021
Silver Screeners
In this spoiler-free episode, we go back 35 years to the release of the coming-of-age drama Stand by Me! Thoughts on the cast, director Rob Reiner, that MTV music video with Ben E. King and two of the film's stars, behind-the-scenes stories ... and Vern's thought-provoking question: "Do you think Mighty Mouse can beat up Superman?"
00:24:53 5/21/2021

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