Where is Lauren Dumolo? Listen to the award-winning docuseries piecing the puzzle together. Complicit follows the story of 29 year old Lauren Dumolo, who vanished from her home in Cape Coral, FL, on June 19, 2020. Her disappearance has baffled her family, friends, and even the police investigating her case. When Lauren's belongings mysteriously begin appearing in a nearby park, the investigation is escalated, and the community rallies to search for this beautiful missing woman. But certain people close to Lauren are keeping their distance...the question is: why? Someone knows something; someone is COMPLICIT. Follow the investigation online at complicit-podcast.com Join the Facebook group at Facebook.com/ComplicitPodcast


Complicit, A True Mystery Podcast

8. Close to Home

Victor is ready to talk, and we hear a different perspective about what was going on in Lauren's life prior to her disappearance. A local journalist also weighs in on the case. Join us as we continue to tell this unsolved, true crime tale. #BringLaurenHome ***** Thanks to our Sponsor, Better Help. Visit www.betterhelp.com/complicit for 10% off your first month, and take charge of your mental health today.
00:31:46 8/2/2021

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