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Safety Talk #34 – Cabinet-level access control systems with Kevin Hicks

Marketing and Communications expert Kevin Hicks joins the Podcast to discuss recent advances in intelligent cabinet access controls and security. Kevin is the Marketing Manager for Senseon Secure Access, which is the industry leader in cabinet-level access control systems and cabinetry security. Located in California, Senseon serves the healthcare, financial, retail and home markets. Senseon […]
00:49:19 10/7/2019

Past Episodes

Safety Talk Podcast
Tim Dimoff joins the Safety Talk Podcast to discuss a wide variety of issue concerning workplace violence and safety, including specific steps companies need to follow when dealing with terminated employee threats. Tim is considered one of the nation's leading authorities in high-risk workplace and human resource issues, his expertise includes corporate investigations, liability challenges […]
00:46:30 9/30/2019
Safety Talk Podcast
International safety expert Carrie Pasquarello joins the podcast to discuss a wide variety of topics related to travel safety and college students studying abroad and what parents can do to enhance the safety of their children when studying in a foreign country. Carrie spent 12 years in both Europe and Asia visiting more than 35 […]
00:56:15 9/23/2019
Safety Talk Podcast
Internet security expert Dave Hatter joins the podcast to discuss the latest hot topics in cybercrime and cybersecurity. He is a Cybersecurity Consultant at Intrust IT, where he educates clients about cybersecurity risks and helps them defend their assets. Dave has contributed to over a dozen technology books, written more than 100 technology related articles […]
00:57:19 9/16/2019
Safety Talk Podcast
Dr. Adam Saenz discusses his upcoming release entitled "EQ Intervention: Shaping a Self-Aware Generation Through Social and Emotional Learning", this is a follow up to his best selling book, "The Power of a Teacher". EQ is the level of your ability to understand other people, what motivates them and how to work cooperatively with them […]
00:45:45 9/9/2019
Safety Talk Podcast
Hollywood actress Karlisha Hurley discusses a wide variety of mental health issues including the victims of mental and physical abuse. She is an advocate for mental health awareness and shares a young person's perspective on these challenging issues in society. Karlisha is in the upcoming horror series of ‘Into the Dark' on Hulu, is in […]
00:53:45 8/26/2019
Safety Talk Podcast
Emergency management expert Todd DeVoe joins the Safety Talk Podcast to share his experiences in public safety and issues confronting the next generation of emergency responders. Todd is the Manager of Emergency and Business Continuity at Saddleback College and has a vast experience of teaching emergency management at the college level. He is also the […]
00:54:51 8/18/2019
Safety Talk Podcast
Dan Murphy joins the Safety Talk Podcast to share his experiences in managing violence prevention programs and the rise of active shooter/mass casualty events. He has consulted with many organizations helping them create effective and sustainable violence response programs. Dan is the co-author of the book "Workplace Safety: Establishing an Effective Violence Prevention Program" and […]
00:59:43 8/11/2019
Safety Talk Podcast
Pete welcomes scanning device expert Rob Lydic to share his insights on the "mobile movement" and how his company Allegion is leading the way in mobile credential solutions. Rob has spoken to global audiences around the world and is recognized as a thought leader and entrepreneur in scanning device industry. TAGS: allegionmobile credential solutionsmobile […]
00:52:30 8/7/2019
Safety Talk Podcast
George Wheeler joins the Safety Talk Podcast to share his experiences in logistics security and crisis management. He discusses the most overlooked issues in risk and crisis planning and how most companies fall short on crisis management. George is currently the Director of Operation for ShadowTrack 24/7 and serves on the Board of Advisors for […]
01:04:10 8/5/2019
Safety Talk Podcast
James DeMeo joins the Safety Talk Podcast to discuss a wide variety of topics related to event security and general public safety. James was recognized by Security Magazine as The Most Influential Person in Security 2017 and is also the author of the bestselling book What's Your Plan? A Step-By-Step Guide To Keep Your Family […]
00:49:01 7/29/2019

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