A podcast of uncompromising realness of everyday life. Discussing life experiences, subtle advice, HipHop, celebrity misdeeds and well doings, entertainment & news. Nothing is off limits as Fly gives his opinion with unfiltered honesty toward anything thrown his way.


Tha FlyTrap Podcast

Is He really just your friend???

FlyFistol, Buddy, & Lisa discuss if a couple can really be Best Friends or just friends
00:00:00 8/15/2019

Past Episodes

Tha FlyTrap Podcast
Fly, Lisa, & Buddy Ro discuss Abortions & Best Friends
00:51:11 7/30/2019
Tha FlyTrap Podcast

Flyfistol, EK, Piggy discuss what people actually want in a mate.

00:59:57 7/5/2019
Tha FlyTrap Podcast

Fly & EK discuss the current climate of music in today's society.

01:09:38 6/21/2019
Tha FlyTrap Podcast

Fly & Buddy Ro discuss child support & when it should be paid.

00:53:04 6/14/2019
Tha FlyTrap Podcast

In this episode Fly, Lisa, & Buddy discuss if a woman & a man can be just friends.

00:45:32 6/7/2019
Tha FlyTrap Podcast

In this episode Fly, Lisa, & Buddy Ro discuss Abortions & best friends

00:51:12 5/26/2019

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