Lee has lived in Northern Virginia since 1978, Mark and Bill have each lived in Northern Virginia, let's see, their entire lives. The boys have talked endlessly, over the years, about starting their own radio show. Along came podcasts so here we are, doing what they have talked about for a very long time. They each have very unique perspectives on life here in NOVA and they don't always agree but they do make each other laugh so take a chance and listen yourself to what they have decided is a Seriously, not serious at all podcast each week.


The LMB Show Ep. 1

The LMB Show

For real silliness and seriously not serious at all fun listen and enjoy!
01:19:24 3/9/2020

Past Episodes

The LMB Show Ep. 1
Another barn burning laugh fest with Lee & Bill or Boom Boom & BK Blaster. The boys bring in frequent guest and buddy Fred-o Shwaery to discuss very inconsequential things because, as you know, The LMB Show is seriously....not serious at all.
01:06:22 3/5/2020
The LMB Show Ep. 1
Bill Knowles and Lee Bailey bring you insights to their troubled minds. LoL? This episode includes recap of Bill big trip to Lake Placid for the 40th Anniversary of the Miracle on ice and our usual fare. Please share and enjoy.
01:58:44 2/28/2020
The LMB Show Ep. 1
Random trivia and historical looks back.
01:07:42 2/1/2020
The LMB Show Ep. 1
Seriously not Serious at All trivia and random chatting!
01:11:10 2/1/2020
The LMB Show Ep. 1
Lee, Bill and Marcus are together for the LMB Show which is a random totally unconventional Podcast so enjoy and be entertained and encouraged with Seriously not Serious at All content.
01:00:59 2/1/2020
The LMB Show Ep. 1
Having fun today with historical information and Seriously not Serious at All content. Be Entertained and react please.
01:06:31 2/1/2020
The LMB Show Ep. 1
Evil Bill and evil Lee hijacked th show at the beginning but BK and Boom Boom come to the rescue. Enjoy!
00:44:46 2/1/2020
The LMB Show Ep. 1
Lee and Bill go random music info and seriously not serious stuff! Join us!
01:03:14 1/24/2020
The LMB Show Ep. 1
LMB Show with Lee, Mark, Bill. talking about everything as always.
01:00:59 1/19/2020
The LMB Show Ep. 1
This is a part 2 folks of the new year LMB Show enjoy
01:10:24 1/12/2020

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