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Dirty Mouth Radio

Ep. 17- ???

Shardae returns from a week long trip that very few people get a chance to go and Kemetic NRG takes a trip for his birthday and does something not many people have the courage to do. Jewels get dropped about guns and politics and more!!! check it out... 

01:08:12 10/25/2019

Past Episodes

Dirty Mouth Radio

Shardae asks the crew about their viewpoints on submission in relationships. Kraynupe provides a very interesting response. Kemetic poses a scenario that really has the crew thinking, and more. Check it out!!! 

01:12:13 10/3/2019
Dirty Mouth Radio

The Dirty Mouth Radio crew is live at Kemetic Science Institute to discuss spirituality, self healing, and more. Check it out!!!!

01:10:48 9/18/2019
Dirty Mouth Radio

The Dirty Mouth Radio Cast and Big Trini once again start the show of with the most uncomfortable style of topics and lead into a Discussion about Mass Shootings, Bullying, Ideas on Gun control in America as well as topics building up into Homosexuality. Check it out!! 

01:12:50 8/20/2019
Dirty Mouth Radio
This weeks episode features special guests ArtequalsC2 and FK. Creative and we dive deep into Black art and the role it plays in the black community. We also discuss why black art isn't widely accepted in other communities and more!!! Check if out
01:18:14 6/21/2019
Dirty Mouth Radio

After a rocky start, the Dirty Mouth Cast welcomes special guest and longtime college friend Fitz to the podcast. We take a in depth look at Gentrification, what the actual argument being presented, and how to combat it. In addition to this we discuss what the agenda is behind colleges and the difference between college in the past compared to college now. Check it out!!! 

00:54:55 6/4/2019
Dirty Mouth Radio

This is the special edition loudest episode of Dirty Mouth Radio featuring D-Cakes and Kendake'.  We explore relationships, mental health in the black community, and more.   **We do not own the rights to the music in the video**

01:17:25 5/7/2019
Dirty Mouth Radio

This episode comes off the heels of the Nipsey Hussle incident but focuses on the overall reason of why black people are a threat to America. KrayNupe has some strong viewpoints that might surprise you!!! Check it out 

01:00:26 4/14/2019
Dirty Mouth Radio
Dirty Mouth Radio invites longtime friend and Entrepreneur to speak about community, black children in America, black business mindset, and what it means to have a leader and why black society should not rely on leaders and other outsiders to change the negative narrative and connotations of the Black American
01:08:17 3/9/2019
Dirty Mouth Radio

This special All Star edition episode features two special guests Moon & Kendake. We discuss marijuana in the workplace and how to regulate it effectively, the end of the government shutdown, spirituality, and more!!!

01:09:40 2/20/2019
Dirty Mouth Radio

Special episode!!! We are giving you an inside look on who we are, what we have planned for the future, and more!! check it out!!

00:35:11 2/10/2019

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