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The Level Up Latina Podcast

Lights OFF to Lights ON in the Bedroom, Episode 114

TMI Alert....

We're going to go there in this episode so make sure to wear headphones if you have sensitive ears around.

The women of LUL bring you their usual candor as they vulnerably, and quite honestly, discuss everything from confidence in the bedroom to intimacy with partners, and even plastic surgery. Talking everything from fake boobs to body hang-ups everyone will relate albeit as you laugh out loud & possibly blush. We hope all women will implement today's tip of the day and raise their energy and sexual confidence tenfold!

And until then, cheers to having lights on in the bedroom!


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00:39:00 8/18/2021

Past Episodes

The Level Up Latina Podcast

From high school counselor to real estate investor: meet Jennifer Pritchard.

Jennifer's journey from dream job to investing will have you wonderstruck with possibilities. We cover her story of evolution from motherhood at a very young age, to reaching career pursuits, and attaining greater accomplishments owning 70+ doors in Real Estate ventures.

Today, Jen's vacationing to dream destinations mostly free, flipping gorgeous homes, and living in one of her own! This fierce woman brings her entire transparency to the show... in short, what's the show about... success in many forms! Do not miss Jen's inspiring story!

00:34:35 8/11/2021
The Level Up Latina Podcast

Ever had a mentor change your life? Was there a champion that helped you grow? Coach.. counselor... or family member?

We've hopefully all experienced the joy and growing pains of having personal and professional guides on our side. In this episode, LUL partners discuss the mentors and champions in their lives, the difference between them, and how first-gen women especially need them more than ever before! Because as we always like to say: NO ESTAS SOLA!

Get yourself a guide... today! Free on-on-one LUL coaching assessments are available at LevelUpLatina.com. Sign up now.

00:41:30 8/4/2021
The Level Up Latina Podcast

What don't we talk about in this one???

Spend time with the women of Level Up Latina discussing anything and everything from shower time to organic goods, award nominations and partnerships, a COVID resurgence, spending a month abroad, and so much more.

Take a listen to chat self-care options and important tips based on recent partnerships with the WAVELENGTH app (wavelength.live/levelup) and Guilt-Free Squad Calls with health and wellness expert: Jess Guzman!More on wavelength app. here: wavelength.live/levelup #ad #partnership #collaboration

Don't miss it and don't forget to nab the best organic products for women at GetRAEL.com! Use code: LEVELUP10 and tell them we sent you!!!

00:37:16 7/28/2021
The Level Up Latina Podcast

Ever thought about life coaching? Curious if it's for you or curious to hear tangible details on what life and business coaching bring? This is the episode for you! It illustrates some of the best work and a couple of secrets too. Learn the difference between therapy and life coaching. Challenge yourself to think about the people influencing your life.

Listen to this one if you're even slightly interested in what it means to work with a transformative life coach! Everyone needs this week's tip and the question of the day in their life. Catch it now on the show!

00:35:00 7/21/2021
The Level Up Latina Podcast

In this episode take a walk down memory lane with the founders of Level Up Latina. As partners in business, our friendship spans over two decades. It's a friendship full of stories some serious, but mostly wild. We enjoyed recounting days filled with the joys of youth, moments full of laughter, and so many good times that feel a world away today.

If you're looking to understand our coaching approach that involves looking back in order to look even better into the future, you can't miss this heartfelt show. It's the kind of show every galpal, best friend, comadre-type needs in their life. Be warned -- we go there and talk sexual encounters or lack thereof, so maybe wear your headphones for this one. Enjoy!

00:38:01 7/13/2021
The Level Up Latina Podcast

For the last of our three-part series, we talk candidly about childhood and college challenges, the bigger picture of serving, and perseverance in general. You don't have to have a remote interest in politics to feel inspired by Graciela Ortiz' story of thriving through setbacks, limited resources, and uncertainty.

Grace, or Gracie as we like to refer to her, is the proud and accomplished Mayor of Huntington Park, California. If you feel a desire to serve and transform lives in any career field YOU MUST LISTEN to her speak of her journey into adulthood, and more importantly, her lessons through failure and commitment to one very specific and moving goal.

Everyone needs and deserves to hear Grace's words of wisdom. Her words literally bring tears to our eyes and make us all want to "BE LIKE GRACE!" Listen to her "no-fear" philosophy and let's get after it mujeres!

00:51:01 7/7/2021
The Level Up Latina Podcast

This random episode is too good to miss. If you're new to the LUL podcast, in this show we reintroduce ourselves. In true random show fashion, we talk about everything that comes to mind from surrogacy to housekeeper hiring guilt, from quarrels with our husbands, to how we discussed same-sex marriage with our kids whether pre-schoolers or high-schoolers… after all, love is love! Don't miss June's show full of random laughs, guilt-free lifestyle techniques, vulnerable mishaps, and absolute comadre time with the best of them!

00:52:30 6/30/2021
The Level Up Latina Podcast

In honor of Pride Month, we bring you the most beautiful love story. It's a tale of growing into your truth with Fernanda y Fatima or "Las Efes" as we call them. In this show, they share what it was like to grow up in very conservative Mexican households, the experience of coming out as Lesbians, and their beautiful marriage! They share their authentic vulnerabilities, lessons, and now, their journey as wives and mothers. This is a candid story of inspiration for all grappling with sharing their truest selves with the world. Do not miss it! Like and share... and don't forget to celebrate PRIDE MONTH because as this episode reminds us... LOVE IS LOVE!

01:11:00 6/23/2021
The Level Up Latina Podcast

In honor of Father's Day, we have our first-ever male guests on the show, and not just any men, but the wonderful men we call husbands.

This was such a feel-good experience. Our hubbies share tender moments as fathers, doubtful times as partners, and their best advice having navigated life from humble beginnings to achieving successful careers and building amazing families. Today's often hilarious conversation covers topics on love, parenting, and everything in between. Laugh and grow with us as our husbands talk marriage hacks, fatherhood lessons, and what it's like to be married to us. Don't miss this candid and touching episode.

And on that note, Happy Father's Day to the men in our lives, your lives, and to all the mommas pulling double-duty! We can't develop the next great generation of amazing human beings without YOU!

01:46:00 6/16/2021
The Level Up Latina Podcast

It's been a while since you've heard the three of us tackle a topic as we do best - by keeping it all the way real. Check out this episode whether young or old, whatever that means!

In it, we share our ever-evolving thoughts on aging and ageism. We talk about physical and mental changes and cover the difference between then (20's) and now (40's). Whether it's our changing bodies, wiser opinions, or just the plain weird stuff like chin hairs and leg cramps this is an EPISODE every woman needs in her life. The inspiring advice cannot be missed especially advice on careers and how to become BOLDER with age (or better yet, how to stand out when you're YOUNGER)!

00:50:31 6/9/2021

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