Join TV royalty and music artist Jessy Taylor as she deep dives into pop culture, celebrity life and relationships with a sweep of top-tier guests in her brand new solo podcast, ‘The 16th Minute'. With her unique humour, stories and take on living life in the spotlight, the fearless media queen is spilling aaallll the tea — and Jessy's not afraid to tell it like it really is. If you want the juice, subscribe now.


The 16th minute

Navigating fame

Social media Influencer and Host Jessy Taylor shares her concerns about social media posting. Whatever we post will be there forever and we should be informed about our choices. Its quality over quantity that matters to her. Let's tune into some of the lows and high of her life, from her encounter with journalists, paparazzi to renting a place in LA. Stay connected to get some more insights of entertainment and social media.
00:08:27 7/29/2021

Past Episodes

The 16th minute
On the very first episode Jessy Taylor talks about her experiences with being on television sets, and her interesting childhood experience. Taylor talks about her time being in Los Angeles, CA over the years.
00:16:58 6/28/2021

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