Join Mike as he broadcasts fun, engaging Stars Wars content from a hidden rebel base in Southeast Massachusetts. Come for the underrated character minute, spot reviews, and free-range Star Wars conversations. Stay for the unique opportunities to interact and join the conversation!


Now THIS Is Podcasting!

The Phantom Analysis

Join Mike as he dives into some interesting, less-talked about aspects of the Phantom Menace which may even get you to appreciate the movie more! Also, the Character We'd Like To See Move from Animated to Live Action, and the Star Wars Badass moment!

Questions? Feedback? Anything? Send an email to Mike at

00:19:22 6/6/2021

Past Episodes

Now THIS Is Podcasting!

Join Mike as he dives in on why Luke Skywalker resonates with him on a personal level. Also, check out the Underrated Character of the Week and a new segment, Who Went Out Like A Punk? This week's contest: which animated character would you like to see brought over into live action? Best entry gets a personalized meme that you can treasure forever.

If you want to join in on contests, provide feedback or just ask a question, shoot an email to or find Mike on Twitter!

00:17:52 5/29/2021
Now THIS Is Podcasting!

That's no podcast. It's, it's actually a podcast! Operating from a hidden base south of Boston, Mike will conduct hit and run takes on all things Star Wars: breaking news, rankings, underrated character moments, and even interactive contests! In the main topic today, Mike reveals his most emotional Star Wars moments. Welcome aboard and strap in!

00:21:36 5/24/2021

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