The #CJUSD Chats Podcast is a a space where we can share our diverse stories within CJUSD and empower our student and staff voice.


#CJUSD Chats

#CJUSD Chats Podcast Episode #9

In this episode of the #CJUSD Chats Podcast, I will be speaking to Bloomington High School Senior Angel Molina, a Percussionist, about how he earned a spot in the Pasadena Tournament of Roses Parade Honor Band. We will discuss the prep work for such a large event and how it felt getting to represent CJUSD at the Rose Parade Bandfest at Pasadena City College, and on January 1, 2023 at the 134th annual Tournament of Roses Parade.
00:28:12 1/24/2023

Past Episodes

#CJUSD Chats
In this episode of the #CJUSD Chats Podcast, Lynette will be interviewing Colton High School Senior Cheerleader Denise Diaz on being selected to be an All American Cheerleader and participating in the New Year's Day Parade in London. She will share how she got selected and her experience in London!
00:31:28 1/17/2023
#CJUSD Chats
In this episode of the #CJUSD Chats Podcast, Jamal and I will be interviewing one of the Virtual Enterprise teams from Bloomington HS, Social Shield! The BHS VE Program is well-known in our community and award-winning, we are so excited for this episode and to introduce you to our student guests!
00:35:50 12/6/2022
#CJUSD Chats
In this episode of #CJUSD Chats, Jamal Boyce CTO of CJUSD and #CJUSD Chats co-founder, will be interviewing Antonio Castro, Director of Behavioral and Mental Health. They will be discussing the importance of mental health and what CJUSD has to offer our students in terms of support and resources.
00:34:13 11/14/2022
#CJUSD Chats
On this episode of the #CJUSD Chats Podcast, we speak with Paige Boyd, Kindergarten Teacher at McKinley Elementary School about her social media journey with the Brand Ambassador program at CJUSD!
00:26:55 11/1/2022
#CJUSD Chats
In this bonus episode of #CJUSD Chats we will have a special guest co-host - brand new Principal of Grand Terrace High School, Charlie Neighbours. He will be speaking with Aundrea Molina, who is a member of the GTHS football team.
00:35:19 10/18/2022
#CJUSD Chats
In this episode of #CJUSD Chats we will have a special guest host - Athletic Director, Angel Castro from Bloomington High School. He will be speaking with 2 of his athletes, Ashley and Aseret, who are members of the BHS football team.
00:12:25 10/11/2022
#CJUSD Chats
In this episode of #CJUSD Chats we will have 2 special guest hosts: ASB Students, Joany Moreno-Gomez & Joel Perez, seniors at the award-winning Slover Mountain High School where you can't spell Slover without Love! They will be interviewing the Proud Principal & Assistant Principal of SMHS Tiffany Hampton and Edrina Fraijo to discuss why the misconceptions of an alternative high school do not apply at SMHS.
00:42:06 9/27/2022
#CJUSD Chats
In this bonus episode of #CJUSD Chats we will be speaking with Kiara, Lizzie and Jonathan from Grand Terrace High School. They will share with us what student voice means to them and how this led them to create a very special group on campus. We hope you enjoy this bonus episode!
00:22:59 9/20/2022
#CJUSD Chats
In this episode of the #CJUSD Chats Podcast, we get to know the proud Superintendent of Colton Joint Unified School District, Dr. Frank Miranda. He will discuss the CJUSD Design Plan, vision for the future of this podcast and his thoughts on leadership.
00:13:11 9/13/2022
#CJUSD Chats
On the very 1st episode of #CJUSD Chats Podcast you will meet Jamal Boyce, Lynette White, and Nyree Clark from CJUSD. They discuss where the idea for the podcast came from and their vision for how this podcast can amplify the voices of both our students and staff.
00:21:22 8/30/2022

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