The #CJUSD Chats Podcast is a a space where we can share our diverse stories within CJUSD and empower our student and staff voice.


#CJUSD Chats

#CJUSD Chats Podcast BONUS Episode

In this bonus episode of #CJUSD Chats we will be speaking with Kiara, Lizzie and Jonathan from Grand Terrace High School. They will share with us what student voice means to them and how this led them to create a very special group on campus. We hope you enjoy this bonus episode!
00:22:59 9/20/2022

Past Episodes

#CJUSD Chats
In this episode of the #CJUSD Chats Podcast, we get to know the proud Superintendent of Colton Joint Unified School District, Dr. Frank Miranda. He will discuss the CJUSD Design Plan, vision for the future of this podcast and his thoughts on leadership.
00:13:11 9/13/2022
#CJUSD Chats
On the very 1st episode of #CJUSD Chats Podcast you will meet Jamal Boyce, Lynette White, and Nyree Clark from CJUSD. They discuss where the idea for the podcast came from and their vision for how this podcast can amplify the voices of both our students and staff.
00:21:22 8/30/2022

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