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Episode 160 - Innistrad Double Feature

Though consistent in their language, WotC cast the idea that Innistrad Double Feature would feature a list of cards chosen from both sets leading both players, vendors and LGSs alike to believe that this would be curated.

That couldn't have been further from the truth.

As we ran up to Innistrad: Crimson Vow's pre-release weekend it was announced that Double Feature would actually be a combined set of all the cards from the previous two Innistrad sets, seemingly leaving everyone flummoxed as what to do. Spend money on a retread of the last two standard sets or allocate funds to the new Standard set, Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty.

We discuss reactions to the news of the lack of curation and both our expectations of and potential handling of this product from the aforementioned perspectives.

Product Overview: https://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/feature/innistrad-double-feature-product-overview-2021-11-15

00:34:42 11/29/2021

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MtG Cabal Cast

As vendors and the general public began cracking their copies of the Phyrexian Praetor Secret Layer, StarCityGames found the first serialized Magic card placed in a consumer product. Number 77 in a series of 100, the "reverse list" Viscera See made huge waves.

Over the Crimson Vow pre-release weekend people were eager to see not only what the first opened copy would sell for, eventually fetching $5k via a BIN on a Facebook sale, but if this Viscera Seer was either one card in a subset of cards or one of one hundred Viscera Seers; the latter being what was determined. People began the process of data mining the amount of Secret Layers sold in the drop that could also contain Reverse List cards and thus the race for information continued.

This week we discuss what both purposeful misprings means to the game as well as serialization and a continued trend towards the Sports cards model that WotC has been taking and what we can expect based on the information and knowledge we have from these existing models.



00:43:50 11/22/2021
MtG Cabal Cast

TCG Player recently purchased the leading company in the robotic card sorting space to add to their intake processes in an effort to smooth and speed up their intake process. While robotic card sorters aren't new news, the purchase of an entire company to fold into an existing CCG organization is; as this is the first occurrence.

We discuss immediate implications for the TCG Player SYP offering as well as a glimpse into what sorters like this can do at both the local LGS level and large vendor level, the demonstrations we've seen and our personal experiences with them.

We also breakdown the life cycle of CCG intake and discuss possible areas for additional automation and where we expect the industry to go next.


00:44:31 11/15/2021
MtG Cabal Cast

The SCG Invitational showed us a number of things from a player and speculator perspective; where metagames were moving and what to buy into. But it also displayed, for the first time in almost two years what vending large events were going to be like and how hungry people were to both buy and sell.

This gives us a good idea of how MtG Las Vegas will unfold and what we can expect at paper events for the immediate future.

There was also the Hasbro Earning call this week and we make a few call outs based on that and a breakdown by Ben Bleiwiss.



00:39:57 11/8/2021
MtG Cabal Cast
With the opening of the Channel Fireball Marketplace there has been a nigh constant back and forth between them and TCG Player vying for customer dollars and continued brand loyalty seeming through the value inherent in the kinds of "coupons" and sales they can muster. While this isn't necessarily a bad thing, we pull apart what happens within the marketplace(s) as reactions to coupon codes and discuss whether or not they actually work out for the average buyer.
00:45:49 11/1/2021
MtG Cabal Cast
Managing your brand as well as your reputation is extremely important at all levels within the collectibles industry as a lot information travels via word of mouth, social media, and various feedback/ranking solutions; and it can be a full time job. This week we cover this oft overlooked aspect of business management and shine a light on what brand and reputation management means and the impacts it can have for you, positive and negative.
00:52:23 10/25/2021
MtG Cabal Cast
Those players that showup just to buy singles, maybe come to a prerelease every now and again power your LGS.
00:38:16 10/18/2021
MtG Cabal Cast
With an uptick in the amount of in person play happening at the LGS level, we discuss our current MtG Finance Strategies
00:33:28 10/11/2021
MtG Cabal Cast
This week we catchup with friend of the pod, Ryan Bushard.
01:01:57 10/5/2021
MtG Cabal Cast
Recent changes at the distributor level look to impact a number of industries.
00:43:14 9/27/2021
MtG Cabal Cast
The CFB Marketplace has been a bit of a black box and we discuss the latest announcements.
00:37:44 9/20/2021

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