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Episode 185 - Variations All the Way Down pt. 1

Every set now contains its own unique type of card variant and it's about time to discuss this! With the start of the these "in set" variants being the Battle for Zendikar Expeditions, we drew a clear line and, looking forward, picked two type of variants to discuss, some key takeaways about them from all aspects, and then a bit of a financial breakdown for some of the individual cards we liked (or didn't) in that type. As we've said before, please spend time with two old men yelling at clouds.
00:37:42 5/22/2022

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MtG Cabal Cast
With the upcoming push for Pioneer at the OP level it seems that there's a fracture in the community at all levels about whether or not Pioneer will overtake Modern at the OP level, becoming the de facto non-rotating format supported by WotC. So we decided to discuss that and then, from a vendor standpoint, having time to adjust to player demand, discuss what supporting Pioneer means. Everything from in-store events to case layouts, we discuss what it means to truly support Pioneer, what the markers were that means our players support it, and how we have responded as a business.
00:55:08 5/15/2022
MtG Cabal Cast
With each set, we look at cards that we think are underrated or overrated during the prerelease period. Taking into account what we've seen from the cards over their three month period we cut through what happened between set releases. Utilizing the notes we took from that episode we reflect on where we went wrong, where we went right, and evaluate why that was the case to help improve our abilities in making correct picks during prerelease.
00:55:33 5/10/2022
MtG Cabal Cast
With the pre-release for Streets of New Capenna in the rear view and release weekend and the accompanying price drops in front of us, we had a sit down with friend of the cast ChiStyleGaming to discuss some cards! From Luxor to Triomes, we discuss card playability, wax about comparisons, and give out thoughts on what an appropriate price is. As an added bonus at the end, instead of picks we cover three cards we feel are overrated and not worth the hype nor the cost and three cards we think are currently underrated and worth discussion. You can find Chicago Style Gaming at their website: https://convictiongaming.com/ Their Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/ConvictionGaming And on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ChiStyleGaming
00:54:04 5/1/2022
MtG Cabal Cast
As we continue to discuss the ripples that the OP announcement has had on the game, from top to bottom, we do a bit of self reflection. Looking inward we discuss what, if anything, we wil be changing about how we handle our specs, our booth stock, buys... everything as this announcement was huge.
00:43:56 4/24/2022
MtG Cabal Cast
With the announcement about the return to Organized Play coming mere weeks ahead of the Pre-Release for Streets of New Capenna, we decided to take a look at what is currently happening at the LGS level. How are things being planned, what kind of coordination is going into this first event back after the OP announcement. What kind of expectations are there in regards to the logistics. Hell, do we even remember how to do this?!
00:44:04 4/17/2022
MtG Cabal Cast
With the announcement of a return to true Organized Play, there's a lot to pick apart. From the player perspective it's another system with another set of rewards and events to schedule out but for vendors it represents something completely different. We cover a number of elements about the return of "OP with a purpose" and how we feel about this from a bottom up perspective. What does this impact in regards to our existing models, what can we return to, what's missing, and what we're plain excited about. Dreamhack, we're comin for ya! https://magic.gg/news/return-of-the-pro-tour-your-path-to-playing-magic-at-the-highest-level https://magic.gg/news/return-of-the-pro-tour-details
00:42:34 4/10/2022
MtG Cabal Cast
We've covered TCG-Cons; what they were like, who the target audience was, and the experience of vending one. With the return of the SCG tournament series, we discuss what that circuit is like now that it also contains premier level Flesh and Blood events alongside large Magic events. Who is attending, what are these events like compared to TCG-Cons and events prior to the shut down. What can we expect as vendors and what is the player response.
00:04:14 4/3/2022
MtG Cabal Cast
This week we demystify how vendors and LGS's alike determine how many packs of each set to open! The art of determining the number of packs to open to meet presale numbers isn't something that gets talked about a lot in the industry. It's not flashy, or sexy, but it truly is interesting as it can change with every set and shows immediate returns. We cover the elements of a standard set and what unfolds during the process of determining your variables and eventually opening those packs! Additionally, we recommend reading Ben Bleiweiss' article on pricing Magic preorders as it starts with some very basic pack cracking math: https://articles.starcitygames.com/magic-the-gathering/how-to-price-magic-card-preorders/ As well as what we like to term the "Welcome to Variant Hell" Twitter thread about how variations impacts pack opening: https://twitter.com/starcityben/status/1494690343610195974?s=21
00:46:51 3/27/2022
MtG Cabal Cast
In the past we've discussed what kind of stock we bring to various Magic Fests, Pre-Releases, and other local events where we had cases but didn't dive into the whys behind this. Combined with an increase on both number of, and access to more "variety" events in TCG-Con, more localized Sci-Fi and Fantasy shows, and now everyone has access to events that require you to branch out and cover more games and verticals at your booth to make sure you capture as wide an audience as possible. We discuss the practices we follow when making selections about stock for events that are mainly Magic to TCG-Con, to Anime Shows and large scale events like PAX to help get you ready and ensure you have the best stock possible.
01:16:06 3/19/2022
MtG Cabal Cast
In week two of the deep dive into the Alta Fox proposal, we look at the purchases for products and IPs that Hasbro has made, allocation of WotC funds and resource for non-WotC IP related products and one of the more subtle but damming elements; how the board is paid out and handles their stock. We cover the following pages this week: 58-63, 64, 71, 74, 76-79, 83 https://www.altafoxcapital.com/ https://freethewizards.com/ https://freethewizards.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/02/Alta-Fox-HAS-Presentation-Final.pdf https://investor.hasbro.com/static-files/8dc080cb-70e3-4a4d-b351-658e9bafe783 https://freethewizards.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/Alta-Fox-QA-Letter-vF.pdf
00:58:40 3/13/2022

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