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What is the future for young musicians? Interview with Pierce Marengo

What is the future for young musicians? If they can't make money from downloads, and very little money from streams, what are their options? Touring is more expensive than ever. Social media is saturated. And during pandemic, everyone and their uncle - including established artists - started their own Youtube channel, in hopes of making some small kickbacks from ad revenue. It's simply not enough to just be a good at your instrument or at songwriting. You have to be good at something more. My guest in this episode, Pierce Marengo, seems to have a figured this out. Still in his early teens, he's on his way to becoming a veritable entrepreneur, following in the footsteps of artists like Dr. Dre, Jay-Z and J-Lo. I talked with Pierce about music, fashion, marketing, and how life experiences can drive both creative and business ideas. And why not combine the two? Would it be completely absurd for artists to think about getting Business degrees? I think it might be prerequisite. But that's just me. Let's hear what this young artist of the future has to say. Homepage: Instagram: Watch on youtube:
00:00:00 8/4/2021

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