Life has its highs, lows, and moments of laughter. My guests and I find a topic and tell three stories, one happy story, one sad, and one hilarious story related to that topic. Buckle up, cause we're about to get high, get low, then LOL!


High, Low, and LOL

Episode 11: Middle School (Feat. Eli "The Fly" Mydlo)

Eli "The Fly" Mydlo and I share our highs, lows, and LOLs of our times in middle school, throwing scissors, shooting hornets, and a memorable pizza day. Enjoy! Music Provided by:
00:44:27 6/15/2021

Past Episodes

High, Low, and LOL

My guests and I discuss our highs, lows, and LOL's of our weddings, some of our favorite funerals, Steve Jobs, and our final take on an infamous trip to Applebees. 

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00:52:55 3/3/2021
High, Low, and LOL
Happy Holidays everyone! I'm only about two months too late! In this episode my guests and I discuss rough dates, being called to the witness stand, and most importantly the Martin Lawrence cinematic experience "Rebound"! It has everything to get you in the holiday spirit! Enjoy!
01:20:03 1/27/2021
High, Low, and LOL

My two guests and I discuss our highs, lows, and LOLs of concerts we've both attended and performed. We also look back on our time in high school, the first time we saw boobs, and a famous trip to the Hard Rock Cafe.

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Ben Sound 

01:35:16 7/26/2020
High, Low, and LOL

My brother Eli and I share our highs, lows, and LOLs of movie theaters stories. We discuss Avengers, Inception, and Juanpa makes a quick appearance to tell a middle school story! 

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00:41:50 6/18/2020
High, Low, and LOL

My guest Juan Pablo "Juanpa" Rendon discuss out highs, lows, and LOL's of our theme park experiences. We tackle rollar-coasters, expensive dinners, and of course Snidely Whiplash. 

Follow Juanpa on Twitter and Instagram @CartoonAdvisory 

Music Provided by: Ben Sound

00:42:20 6/10/2020
High, Low, and LOL

My little brother Travis and I discuss our highs, lows, and LOLs of football, family vehicles, and one fateful trip to Applebees. Enjoy!

Give Trav's newest "Dad Bod Workout" featuring someone handsome video below!

Dad Bod Self Defense 

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Bensound Music 

00:53:03 4/17/2020
High, Low, and LOL
Here's our first episode in over a year! Stay inside and listen to my wife Darcie and I discuss a few stories about jobs we've both had. Enjoy! ALSO WASH YOUR HANDS! Music Provided by:
00:34:18 4/2/2020
High, Low, and LOL
In our longest episode yet, my good friend and "cousin-in-law" discuss our Highs, Lows, and LOLs of basketball, along with a few LOLs we've shared together.
01:21:24 4/1/2020
High, Low, and LOL
In this weeks episode, my friend Eric and I discuss some of our highs and lows of camping trips, and share an LOL about one of the funniest/awkward times we've spent together. Enjoy!
00:49:18 4/1/2020
High, Low, and LOL
This is the first episode in my new podcast series where my guests and I explore happy, sad, and hilarious stories from our lives. My guest Darcie Roden and I discuss stories related to dating; some good, some bad, and one frighteningly hilarious. Enjoy!
00:49:02 4/1/2020

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