Welcome The Console Room a fun after show looking back and forwards and currently, its timy whims, at Doctor Who! With host Ernesto Castagna and Joe Dove we dive into the world of The Doctor with fun facts and deeps dive in your little Tardis, your smartphone!


The Console Room - 2bescene

Doctor Who Podcast | The 4th DR's First Ep The Robot

Your home for Movies, Music, and TV yes 2bescene is back with so much more #DoctorWho series #TheConsoleRoom joins #comicconversation #1weeklater #diskdungeon and #Sheddinglight ! This week join Ernesto and Joe for a #doctorwho dive in the the 4 episodes of the 4th Doctor #TheRobot
00:44:43 3/30/2024

Past Episodes

The Console Room - 2bescene
Billy and Joe Dove dive into #Ghostbusters Frozen Empire
00:28:00 3/29/2024
The Console Room - 2bescene
The Doctor has regenerated but it hasn't gone well. He's mentally unraveling and needs a place to rest beyond outside influences. Unfortunately the Master has laid a trap for the TARDIS that denies the Doctor undisturbed recovery time.
00:46:42 3/19/2024
The Console Room - 2bescene
Join Joe Dove and Ernesto in #doctorwho #theconsoleroom as they chat #12th Doctor #petercapaldi in "The Husbands of River Song" One of the best most fun episodes of the series. https://patreon.com/2bescene?utm_medi... #comedy #Christmas #special #scifi #hero #british #drwho #mumbai #India
00:46:33 2/23/2024
The Console Room - 2bescene
Where does the Doctor get that amazing ability to be in the right place at the right time? The and other questions will be answered in this 2nd episode of The Console Room Join #thechief and #JoeDove in this adventure in space and time for #drwho #Doctorwho series. We are going to start with a very fun and memorable #MUSTSEE #mustwatch episodes of Dr who to set you right up for the big 60th anniversary show this November 25 on #disney #disneyplus ! Please share with your friends and #likesharesubscribe !
00:39:48 2/21/2024
The Console Room - 2bescene
IN this episode of the console room we revisit the episodes you MUST watch before the new Doctor. who specials arrive!
00:32:26 2/21/2024

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