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Circuit Clouts

Episode 21 - Detroit GM and CC Beat Reporter Sean Holloway

Interview with the reigning East Division champion GM and Casey Award winner for fake baseball journalism, Sean Holloway. Learn how Holloway built a UL powerhouse, and how he comes up with all those articles and songs for Clouts.
01:11:32 5/26/2021

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Circuit Clouts
Special guest Seattle GM Eric Clemons explains how to turn around a franchise in just 17 short seasons. Includes insights on the C-Rob trade, the rise of prospect John Shelby, and his secret approach to staying on top of all seven teams in his division.
01:01:06 5/17/2021
Circuit Clouts
The fab four continue their ramblings about the upcoming United League season, focusing on the top six teams. Who will be #1? And who is the worst cleanup hitter in the league?
00:50:45 5/5/2021
Circuit Clouts
The gents welcome special guest and World Series-winning GM Peter Vays into the studio to prognosticate about the '82 season. Part 1 takes a look at the bottom half of the league, including insights about Wade Boggs, Scott Sanderson, and Phil Collins.
00:46:20 5/4/2021
Circuit Clouts
The gents plus special guest & basement dweller Peter Vays "Escape" to the UL recording studios to discuss the upcoming 1980 season. They kick around their thoughts on the new unbalanced schedule and playoff system, talk about trades, draft picks, and off-season maneuvers that got their attention and touch on all 14 teams before finally revealing each of their predictions for the top two finishers in the East and West. Could there be some shockers in store for us??
01:23:47 10/9/2020
Circuit Clouts
The gents talk about Hall of Fame standards and benchmarks, and different approaches to assessing the Hall-worthiness of various candidates, then discuss the merits (and demerits) of a handful of current Beachville hopefuls.
01:06:12 9/21/2020
Circuit Clouts
The guys sit down with Peter Vays, longtime GM of the Los Angeles Outlaws, and get his take on what brought him to the UL, his trade philosophy, and thoughts on sustaining long-term success.
00:57:00 7/30/2020
Circuit Clouts
The lads make like Village People and "go west". Will Chicago repeat as division champs or will Los Angeles grab its third flag in five years? Who will lead the rest of the pack: SF, SEA, DEN? Have St. Louis and Atlanta done enough to emerge from the cellar? Plus, who won the draft?
01:04:54 7/5/2020
Circuit Clouts
The boys take a look at the East Division and give their prognostications. Who will win the battle for supremacy between Boston and Manhattan? Is Brooklyn really playoff caliber? Plus, who won FA? A look at the offseason free agent signings.
01:01:26 7/4/2020
Circuit Clouts
Part 2 of 2 of our survey of the 25 and younger talent in the league. This time Charlie, Glen, and Lance put their extensive UL acumen to work looking at the youth of the top 7 teams (according to the BNN/OOTP Top Prospects rankings).
00:58:35 6/21/2020
Circuit Clouts
In part 1 of a two-part look at the U25 talent on all 14 teams, the guys take at look at the bottom half of the league-based on BNN Top Prospects rankings-including insights from Glen on appreciable draft pick value that is a callback to episode 10.
00:55:35 6/18/2020

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