Join sisters Maria and Stephanie Giesta as they reopen and invite you down to The Giesta Cafe Podcast each and every week! Covering everything from entertainment. traveling, politics, food, real experiences and so much more, you won't want to miss their unique take on everything under the sun.


The Giesta Cafe Podcast

Ep. 7: Election Results and How to Drive in the Snow

On the latest episode, the Giesta's recap the results of the recent local election and talk about the importance of voter turn out, especially in the "off year" elections or when candidates run unopposed. The ladies discuss what turned Maria onto running for her seat in the first place, some of the challenges the community faces going forward and how the new officials bring something different to the table to help combat those issues and then close with tips on New England winter driving
00:52:34 12/1/2021

Past Episodes

The Giesta Cafe Podcast
Maria and Steph welcome their producer Justin onto the show to talk about the status of the local pro sports teams, as New England finds themselves with a very unique sport dynamic. The ladies discuss that, how they got into sports themselves and what teams they have always rooted for over the years. Red Sox, Tom Brady, and the Minnesota Vikings?!?!?
01:13:32 11/24/2021
The Giesta Cafe Podcast
It is local election season and what better time to stress the importance of voting and voter turnout in the community! This week The Giesta Sisters talk bout local elections an the importance of knowing where you officials stand, the thrill that comes with voting and how it used to be viewed as a privilege as well as outline the different ways you can be a part of helping your city or town as a supporter or candidate!
00:51:13 10/28/2021
The Giesta Cafe Podcast
Maria and Steph continue their conversation about the service industry and what its like returning to "normal" after the toll Covid took on our way of life. They also discuss a number of topics including the quality of great local restaurants in NB thanks to its diverse culture, the one thing that makes a good bartender and so much more!
00:41:27 10/28/2021
The Giesta Cafe Podcast
Stephanie and Maria are back to discuss all the crazy ways the service industry has been impacted by the recent pandemic and how its effected us all!. They discuss Stephanie's time spent working in the industry, how she worked in the building that once housed their our family restaurant and how different things have been over the years, and over the last couple years in particular.
00:31:55 10/6/2021
The Giesta Cafe Podcast
On episode two, Maria and Stephanie welcome the CEO and Owner of Abstrakt Music Mikey Monteiro onto the show. They discuss everything from what got him to where he is now, why music isn't as big of an influence as schools as it use to be, where his music career has taken him and why he decide to come back home and open up the Abstrakt Lab in the heart of downtown New Bedford.
01:10:23 9/20/2021
The Giesta Cafe Podcast
On the debut episode Maria and Stephanie talk about what it was like growing up in New Bedford being the daughters of immigrants and some of the wonderful things the diverse cultures of the city has to offer. You get to hear them talk about their family life in NB while celebrating all the rich, wonderful treasures of the richest fishing port in the country! Also hear where and how the ladies came up with the name of the podcast!
01:01:03 9/13/2021

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