Welcome to CIP Talks. Where I share messages of faith, hope and love as it relates to our everchanging world around us as well as talk to people who have impacted my life and will speak life back into yours. My goal is to help you experience authentic life change and inspire you to pursue the calling God has on your life.


CIP Talks

EP 1 - WORD UP | Why Words Matter

Who do you see yourself becoming? What are you listening to everyday? Asking the right question at the right time will change the trajectory of your life forever. But, where do you find your answers? Join Dan Ciprian as he introduces a new program and explains why he is using this platform to speak. He shares how specific words can and will help you pursue your purpose and be who you were created to be. Topics of Discussion: * Power * Influence * Purpose * Life Connect with Dan Ciprian on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and cipministries.org.
00:00:00 10/12/2021

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