Welcome to 4318 Da Spot where everyone is free to be you! Listen to 3 ill individuals with 3 different opinIons on this thing called LIFE! So grab you a drink, a smoke or whatever, kick your shoes off and relax! Our SPOT is your SPOT! 4318 is Da Spot!


4318 Da Spot

4318 Da Spot Season 2 Ep. 5

This episode we talk a lot of sports for the first 30 mins! LOL!Then we get into the BS that you all like! Prayers and condolences to Mr. Greene's family!
01:14:14 11/1/2023

Past Episodes

4318 Da Spot
Man! We area back at y'all once again with another FIRE episode! It's been awhile, but here we are!! Take your shoes off, light your j, pour you a drink and enjoy the conversation! WE BACK WE BACK WE BAAAAAACK!!!!
01:59:19 9/8/2023
4318 Da Spot
Welcome Back to another episode of Da Spot! We recap the fight of the year, Crawford vs Spence. Is Jamie Foxx the GOAT of Actors? And we got so much more to talk about! Kick your shoes off and relax! Our Spot is your Spot!
01:37:09 8/11/2023
4318 Da Spot
Welcome to episode 2 of Da Spot! Kick ya shoes off, put ya feet up and enjoy!
01:46:24 7/21/2023
4318 Da Spot
We are back and reloaded for Season 2!! A few minor changes have been made but the he show must go on! Jay Smith and Wayne 1da are back in the with a new co-host, Mr. James Greene and they get right to it with an array of topics! So kick your shoes off, grab your vice of choice and enjoy your time in the Da Spot!
01:29:25 7/1/2023
4318 Da Spot
Welcome back to Da Spot! After a brief break, the Fellas are temporarily in the drivers seat for another 2 man weave! This time it's a little different! On this weeks Pod, the Fellas speak on the passing of Kevin Samuels, The First Lady of Death Row, Jewell and the apparent suicide of Arlana Miller. They also talk new music and make some phone calls to listeners with some interesting questions! So relax, kick your shoes off and enjoy your stay at 4318 Da Spot!
01:06:23 5/7/2022
4318 Da Spot
Welcome back to Da Spot! This weeks episode is industry heavy with talks of Pusha T's new album, The return of the "Boogeyman" and so much more! Also we have the return of XIXI as a special guest! Kick your shoes off, put your feet up and enjoy the show.
01:23:03 4/24/2022
4318 Da Spot
Welcome back to Da Spot! On this weeks episode, we tackle a few topics ranging from Coi Leray and Benzino, what artist has the most classic albums in any genre, albums released during the week and so much more! In typical Da Spot fashion, we jump into the Wonderful World of Wayne! LOL!! So kick off your shoes, relax and enjoy the show!!
01:21:01 4/18/2022
4318 Da Spot
Oh we back at y'all early this week with a unique show! Unfortunately, Wayne 1da couldn't be with us on this one but Vintage and Jay hold it down with a little help from a special in studio guest, rapper and fam of the show, Silencio. We chat it up about some industry news and then we get into the real nitty gritty! Y'all know the routine, kick your shoes off, put your feet up and get comfortable here in Da Spot!
01:28:01 4/9/2022
4318 Da Spot
And the Gang is back once again! We apologize but, life had us take another unexpected week off but we are back with a vengeance. This week we tackle everything from The Culture tour stop in the DMV, URL Any Given Sunday Card, to the "Smack Seen Around the World"! So kick off your shoes put your feet up and get comfortable in Da Spot!
01:20:46 4/5/2022
4318 Da Spot
After taking a week off, the gang is back for another unfiltered conversation ranging from new music to communication in relationships! So take your shoes off, kick your feet up and relax here at 4318 Da Spot!
01:16:31 3/23/2022

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