Keyvon Thierry is a successful music mogul-turned real estate investor. For his trailblazing efforts and philanthropy, he is on the verge of receiving a lifetime achievement award for his work in establishing the South as a dominant force in Hip-Hop, both culturally and musically. What he started as Magnolia Music Inc. blossomed into Magnolia Holdings and Investments. The opposition he faced 25 years ago when starting a hard core rap label in the south, was conventional thinking from outsiders. The opposition he faces now, comes in the face of urban development, "old money," and corrupt politics. Keyvon sits with Senior Editor, Saul Gravy, from The Main Source Magazine to discuss 90's Hip-Hop culture along the Gulf Coast, gentrification, and how his money flipped three ways."Playerz from the South, is the first scripted Hip-Hop podcast. A creative blend of dope writing and pursuasive storytelling. The south has a deep, yet exclusive history in Hip-Hop culture. The evolution is evident, yet the curation of storytelling has always suffered from misinformation perpetuated by negative stereotypes. Now we get to tell our stories, our way!" Creator- Nathan T. Rideaux


Playerz From The South

EP V: 9 Little Millimeter Boyz

On this episode, Southern rap mogul Keyvon Thierry is close to receiving his Lifetime Achievement Award from The Main Source Magazine. He further explains to SaulGravy the toughness and tenacity it took to start a hardcore rap label in the early 90's. While doing so, his brother Cortez begins to lay down groundwork to pull off something major to secure his own future.
00:16:39 12/4/2020

Past Episodes

Playerz From The South
Southern rap mogul Keyvon Thierry is detailing his rise to power to Hip-Hop Journalist Saul Gravy. On this episode, The Main Source Magazine's Award Show is less than 24 hours away, and Keyvon is on his way to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award. Love, Life, and Southern Hip-Hop mixed with urban redevelopment are all parts of his fame and fortune. He starts to break down how he flipped his money and "bought the block."www.playerzfromthesouth.comEpisode 4; Jazzy BelleNathan T. Rideaux as Keyvon ThierryChris Moore as Saul GravyTiffany Brown Rideaux as Dana
00:22:17 7/7/2020
Playerz From The South
Keyvon and his team take a road trip Atlanta for the "Jack the Rapper" Convention in the early 90's and experience southern bias beyond belief, but forges ahead with a plan to solidify Down South B-Boy Productions. They take a trip to ATL for business, but things get personal in the rap game. Saul Gravy tells the story how he ended up as a Hip-Hop reporter and editor, after uncovering dirty dealings as an Investigative Reporter years prior.
00:24:20 3/25/2020
Playerz From The South
Southern rap mogul Keyvon Thierry is paid a visit by an old "friend" while recounting his successful career. He remembers what it took to get his career started as Artist Manager and Executive Producer of J-Thump, Royal Cee, and B.B.I He needed to get money from somewhere, and may have just received his breakthrough.
00:24:15 3/13/2020
Playerz From The South
KV Thierry is a decorated southern Hip-Hop icon for his foresight in spearheading a hardcore rap label in 1995. His unconventional work as a music mogul and Real Estate Investor have made many enemies in his cosmopolitan city on the Gulf Coast. The changing landscape of urban living and corrupt local politics have partnered with "old black money" to derail everything Keyvon Thierry has worked and fought for. On the eve of being presented with a lifetime achievement award at The Main Source Awards, he details his life's efforts with Senior Editor, Saul Gravy of The Main Source. There was lots of struggle and success to match, but at the end of the day, your own people can be your enemy. The culture of southern Hip-Hop hustlin and conventional business practices are on full display, and there is no difference. It's All Just Business!
00:46:29 12/30/2019
Playerz From The South
00:02:28 12/4/2019

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