Superheroes are the dominant film genre in Hollywood, but the path to their current popularity is complex and uneven. Join Mike-EL, Joshua Murr-VELL and Bex Luthor as they discuss superhero movies & TV shows from DC Comics, Marvel Comics and more! Each episode features one film or TV episode featuring an iconic superhero, reviewed by passionate fans of the genre.


Taped Crusaders

Episode #11 | Dr. Strange

Paul Zettel joins us for a look at the ill-fated TV movie. What the hoggoth is this thing? Peter Hooten, Clyde Kusatu, Jessica Walter, and Eddie Benton star in the fourth Marvel property to be adapted for the small screen.
00:34:28 7/3/2023

Past Episodes

Taped Crusaders
David DuBois, Champ-Ian, Mike-EL, Joshua Mur-VELL, and Bex Luthor review Dave's favourite episode of Japanese Spider-Man! Spider-Protector, Spider-Bracelet, Spider-Strings, Leopardon...wait, Leopardon? What the heck is going on here? You'll have to listen to this episode to find out.
00:36:48 6/26/2023
Taped Crusaders
Kyle Van Dongen joins Mike-EL for a look back at the most successful Marvel adaptation of the 70s. Kenneth Johnson reimagines The Hulk for 1970s TV! Bill Bixby, Lou Ferrigno and Jack Colvin star in the hit show that defined the Green Goliath for a generation of fans.
00:57:30 5/29/2023
Taped Crusaders
Champ-Ian joins Bex Luthor, Joshua Murr-VELL and Mike-EL for another jam-packed discussion about 70s superhero fun. Nicholas Hammond hams it up in this, um, thing-that-exists adaptation of Marvel's flagship character. Featuring J. Jonah Jameson, Joe Robertson, Aunt May, not Mary-Jane, not Gwen, not Liz, not Betty, not Harry, and not Flash.
00:56:06 5/15/2023
Taped Crusaders
Erika joins the gang for a look at the second live-action attempt for Wonder Woman. In your satin tights, Fighting for your rights! The Amazing Amazon finally debuts in her own weekly television series! Stanley Ralph Ross adapts the legendary DC superhero created by William Moulton Marston and H.G. Peter into a hit show that continues to define Woman Woman to this day.
00:47:06 4/24/2023
Taped Crusaders
Champ-Ian joins the gang to review another classic (?) film. Clark Savage, Jr. ? The Fortress of Solitude...Hold up, this is starting to sound familiar... The Taped Crusaders explore the first (and only) feature film appearance of the proto-superhero Doc Savage, who appears to have inspired a certain DC flagship character.
00:52:09 4/3/2023
Taped Crusaders
Kelley joins Mike-EL and Joshua Murr-VELL for a look at a long-forgotten superhero show from the 1970s! Captain Marvel appears in his second live-action incarnation, and this time the premise is a tad differnt from the comic books. Featuring Michael Gray as Billy Batson, Jackson Bostwick as Captain Marvel and Les Tremayne as Mentor (?).
00:48:06 3/20/2023
Taped Crusaders
wsg Barry Helmer, our resident Wonder Woman expert. The Amazing Amazon makes her small-screen debut, and uh...well, you'd better just listen for yourself. Starring Cathy Lee Crosby, Kaz Garas, Charlene Holt, Ricardo Montalbán, Richard X. Slattery, Andrew Prine and Anitra Ford.
00:45:45 2/27/2023
Taped Crusaders
Before Batman & Robin, Green Hornet & Kato fought crime with super-gadgets, and rode a cool car called Black Beauty. Featuring Van Williams as Green Hornet and Bruce Lee as Kato!
00:40:42 2/20/2023
Taped Crusaders
Cousin Brandon joins the Taped Crusaders for his first of many guest spots. The Caped Crusaders exploded into living rooms everywhere with the first two glorious episodes of this classic show. Your pals review Hi Diddle Riddle and Smack in the Middle, featuring Adam West as Batman, Burt Ward as Robin, Alan Napier as Alfred, Neil Hamilton as Commissioner Gordon, Stafford Repp as Chief O'Hara, Madge Blake as Aunt Harriet, Frank Gorshin as The Riddler, and Jill St. John as Molly.
01:12:09 2/6/2023
Taped Crusaders
Reviewing the pilot episode, "Superman On Earth", featuring Jor-EL, Lara, Eben and Sarah Kent (?!), Perry White, Jimmy Olsen, Lois Lane and Clark Kent! Mike-EL, Joshua Murr-VELL and Bex Luthor launch the newest podcast from Comic Book Syndicate.
00:42:06 1/23/2023

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