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The Chevening scholarships in the U.K (Chevening Scholar)

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         In this episode it talks about Carmona is Mozambiquan who was awarded a Chevening Scholarship in the United Kingdom. 

  • This scholarship is one of the prestigious scholarships in the world. Applying for top different universities in the United Kingdom is truly hard to pass on but because Carmona has unique and original abilities he got this prestigious scholarship. 
  • This is the UK government's global scholarship program, which is wholly supported by the Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office (Chevening Awards (FCDO)) and partner organizations. (Carmona, 2021)
  • Carmona's achievement is truly inspiring and YOU CAN DO IT TOO!
00:30:05 11/20/2021

Past Episodes

Jade Podcast

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The power of being discouraged and shame before can lead you to be the best version of yourselves and have a better situation than before. This is what Cristela taught us. In the middle of her 1st or 2nd-year college, she was witnessed being doubted with her academic abilities brought by her terror professor but because she knew herself that she can manifest her unique abilities she proved that and later on after she shift her first course and started to know herself more she used her traumatic experience to be outstanding in their class and became a consistent top notcher in their class.

01:18:09 11/15/2021
Jade Podcast

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Most parents are the ones who decide what will be their child's career. In this episode, it talks about how important it that children should decide what will be their career in the future.  

00:08:21 10/19/2021
Jade Podcast

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00:01:45 10/9/2021
Jade Podcast
South Korean culture is one of the booming cultures not only in Asia but around the world. Their charisma, styles, food, movies, songs, Kpop idols are some of the things that people love. In this episode, I have a talk with Navya one of the Indian teenagers who is a certified Korean lover which Lee Min Ho is one of her admirers the most. She also shared that despite her obsession with Korean she does not forget her responsibilities in her studies. She uses this to be inspired all the time.
00:50:51 10/6/2021
Jade Podcast

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In this episode, I try to compose a story that tells what the subconscious mind happened when a person dreams it maybe this talks about what you want to achieve in reality but it does not happen yet.

00:04:52 10/5/2021
Jade Podcast

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Like what Steve Jobs said, " If nothing motivates you Nothing will". In this episode, one of my guests shared what is the real meaning of passion and her love toward music that inspires her to reach her goal to be a performer. As we are responsible to fight what is the passion that motivates us.

00:56:39 10/5/2021
Jade Podcast

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Anytime we experience stress, that triggers us to feel anxious, lonely, and helpless. In this episode, I interviewed one of the first Africans who won the Stress Buster Award during the program Better Together Africa promoted by Goodwall. He shared his tips and tricks on how to overcome stress and how stress can affect an individual.

00:49:06 10/5/2021

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