"Celebrating and Learning from those that push the limits of the Human Condition" The No Fear of Falling Podcast is a production of the Athlete Management firm "No Fear of Falling", and features mini-documentaries, opinion pieces, and interviews with athletes and other interesting people to talk about their journeys in their respective fields, and how they perceive the concepts of success and failure.


No Fear of Falling Podcast

In Your Own Words #1 - "Caliente" Part One (Eduardo Camacho)

In this episode of "In Your Own Words", Puerto Rico Bobsled athlete Eduardo Camacho begins to tell about his journey towards becoming a winter sports athlete which he is calling "Caliente". A journey that started on various American military bases in Europe... Music in this episode: "Caliente, Caliente" by Mama Patxanga Theme Music: "120 Words Instrumental" by Greg Atkinson Eduardo's Instagram: @edbobsled
00:00:00 1/6/2020

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No Fear of Falling Podcast
The saga of Russia, WADA, and the Olympic Games seems to be continuing. I'm sure that I'm not the only one wishing it would all stop. I would think differently if a semblance of a speck of something that inspired the belief that change is coming was present. But I don't see it. Let me tell you why.
00:00:00 12/9/2019

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