How did we get here? How does anyone get anywhere in life... A breakup! Yes a breakup. For some odd reason breakups have become the modern day epiphany. True story. Breakups will make you realize, despite what all your friends and family have been telling you years, that you have made several bad decisions when it comes to dating. Breakups will make you realize that the recent relationship you just got out of was single handedly holding you back from reaching your full potential. The breakup will also make you realize that not only was your counter part never a good fit for you but also your involvement in the relationship was preventing you from individual success. It was the main reason for not capitalizing on a career change, the need to go back to school, the gym, opening a bar or even starting a blog. Ironically, breakups will make you realize that you were never ready for a relationship in the first place. Furthermore, breakups can even make you come to the realization that you are the worst boyfriend ever! If you are guessing whether or not a breakup is the reason for this blog, you are correct. Although the breakup was expected I was still devastated because I was the dumpee and not the dumper. I'm sure if I was the dumper I would have handled the situation a lot better but I did not. So in my bout of depression, what the breakup made me do is reflect on every single aspect of the relationship including how things turned out so bad. While in that moment of reflection I realized that there were a lot of things I should and could have done different. So here we are. This blog is my attempt to evolve into not only a better boyfriend but also a better person. By researching, discussing, inquiring and getting feedback from men and women I'm hoping to get to the bottom of this whole relationship enigma and see if I can one day become datable. I'm not holding my breath though... Enjoy!


The Worst Boyfriend Ever

Episode 35: Halsey's post game is official

Take a listen as we talking about making relationships official on IG and whether or not your partner needs some work done. Enjoy.
00:00:00 10/30/2019

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The Worst Boyfriend Ever
Dating is awful. For a couple reasons but mainly because during the process of a date there is always that sense of uncertainty in the air. Despite how well or terrible you think it's going you don't really know unless you get a call or don't get a call. The unknown is terrifying, confusing, exciting and frustrating all at once. Tune in as we discuss dating and try and get an understanding from both the male and females perspective of what really goes on in the minds of both parties during a date. Enjoy...
00:38:01 10/28/2019

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