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Episode 24 - M*A*S*H actor Mike Farrell

Mike Farrell began his acting career with small parts in films like "The Graduate" and "The Americanization of Emily". Eventually, he landed on the soap "Days of Our Lives", where he starred as Scott Banning for two years. "Days" was followed by leading roles in two series, "The Interns" and "The Man and The City," then a four-year contract with Universal Pictures. Mike is best known for playing Captain B.J. Hunnicutt in the ever popular series M*A*S*H. His eight years with the memorable show allowed the opportunity to both write and direct several episodes, earning him nominations for Director's Guild and Emmy Awards. His first production experience outside of M*A*S*H was the CBS-TV film "Memorial Day", in which he starred opposite actress Shelley Fabares, who he would go on to marry on December 31, 1984. On the documentary front, among many others, Farrell co-hosted "Saving the Wildlife" for PBS, hosted "The Best of the National Geographic Specials" and had a great adventure scuba diving with his children, Michael and Erin, among hundreds of sharks in French Polynesia for "The World of Audubon". Together with partner Marvin Minoff, he formed Farrell/Minoff Productions Farrell/Minoff's first production was "Dominick and Eugene", a film starring Tom Hulce and Ray Liotta. After making a number of TV movies, their company produced theatrical film called "Patch Adams", starring Robin Williams. In 1996 Mike was presented the Valentine Davies Award by the Writers Guild of America, given to members: "whose contribution to the entertainment industry and the community-at-large have brought dignity and honor to writers everywhere." In February 1998 Farrell was appointed to a three-year term on the Commission on Judicial Performance, an 11 member California State Commission that adjudicates complaints against judges in the state. 1998 also brought him to NBC-TV"'s "Providence" playing veterinarian Jim Hansen with cast-mates Melina Kanakaredes, Concetta Tomei, Paula Cale and Seth Peterson. In 2002 Mike was elected First Vice President of the Screen Actors Guild in Los Angeles and served three years in that capacity. In 2004 he received the Donald Wright Award from California Attorneys for Criminal Justice, only the third time in its 28 year history that the award has been presented to a recipient who was neither a lawyer nor a judge. Mike joined the podcast to talk about M*A*S*H, Providence, Days of Our Lives and Patch Adams the movie with Robin Williams and the real life doctor. https://m.imdb.com/name/nm0268286/bio
00:00:00 10/23/2021

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Lawrence H. Levy is a novelist, an award-winning film and TV writer, a Writers Guild Award winner for the hit TV show Seinfeld, and a two-time Emmy nominee. He has written for various hit TV shows such as Seinfeld, Roseanne, Family Ties, Who's the Boss, Facts of Life, Seventh Heaven, The Love Boat, Fantasy Island, Trapper John,, MD, Charlie's Angels, and Saved by the Bell. He now primarily focuses on writing historical mysteries novels creating the Mary Handley Mysteries. Second Street Station was his debut novel in the series, which was named "One of the five best mysteries of 2015" by Library Journal. It is based on a true story incorporating real world characters like Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, J.P. Morgan, the inventor of Coca-Cola, etc., all of whom are suspects in the book. The fourth installment was recently published to continued acclaim. Check out the series: Amazon Barnes & Noble Audible Credits: IMDB
00:00:00 10/17/2021
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A former Distinguished Visiting Fellow in American History at George Washington's Mount Vernon, Harlow Giles Unger is a veteran journalist, broadcaster, educator, and historian. He is the author of 27 books, including 10 biographies of the Founding Fathers-among them, Patrick Henry (Lion of Liberty); James Monroe (The Last Founding Father); the award winning Lafayette; and The Unexpected George Washington: His Private Life. Cited by Florence King of the National Review as "America's most readable historian," he has appeared on the History Channel and C-SPAN's Book Notes and spoken many times at Mount Vernon, Valley Forge, Yorktown, Williamsburg and historic sites in Boston, New York, Philadelphia and Washington DC. Mr. Unger is a graduate of Yale University and has a Master of Arts from California State University. He spent many years as a foreign correspondent and American Affairs analyst for The New York Herald Tribune Overseas News Service, The Times and The Sunday Times (London), and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, and he is a former associate professor of English and journalism. He is author of many books on American education as well as American history, including the popular" "But What if I Don't Want to Go to College? A Guide to Success Through Alternative Education, and the award-winning, three volume Encyclopedia of American Education, a standard reference in academic and reference libraries. After many years in France, Mr. Unger now lives in the United States and is an avid downhill skier and horseman. http://www.harlowgilesunger.com/ https://www.amazon.com/Harlow-G.-Unger/e/B001IQZL0E?ref_=d6k_applink_bb_dls
00:00:00 10/16/2021
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Dan Jurgens began his career with DC Comics as an artist on THE WARLORD. Shortly after, he created, wrote and drew BOOSTER GOLD for DC Comics. He continued with stints on FLASH GORDON, GREEN ARROW, and THE JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA. Most notably, he logged a ten-year run as writer/artist on SUPERMAN, including the best-selling Death of Superman for which he won the National Cartoonists Society Award for Best in Comic Book Division. Jurgens followed up with the mega-hit crossover ZERO HOUR, which redefined the DC Universe. He moved to Marvel Comics and launched a new Spider-Man series, THE SENSATIONAL SPIDER-MAN. Jurgens then logged seven years writing THE MIGHTY THOR and also wrote and drew CAPTAIN AMERICA. In 2005, Jurgens shifted into the world of book publishing to write and illustrate 'You Can Draw Marvel Characters' for Dorling Kindersley Publishing. Jurgens has since returned to DC Comics where he helped relaunch, write and draw BOOSTER GOLD, which he first created in 1985. He moved on to write and draw TIME MASTERS: VANISHING POINT and revisit the Death of Superman in DC UNIVERSE: LEGACIES. In 2011, Dan returned to writing and drawing BOOSTER GOLD in order to make it part of a very special storyline involving the entire universe of DC characters. As part of DC Comics' major NEW 52 launch, Dan was heavily involved in two projects. He started with JUSTICE LEAGUE INTERNATIONAL, which focused on a team of global heroes serving as earth's protectors. The team was lead by Dan's creation, Booster Gold. In addition, Dan drew the newly launched GREEN ARROW series, featuring a dramatic new vision of DC's Emerald Archer. Dan followed that up with a return to the SUPERMAN and FIRESTORM titles, which he wrote and drew. In 2014, Dan was one of the writers on the weekly NEW 52: FUTURES END series, which explored DC's future. That led to DC's CONVERGENCE event and SUPERMAN: LOIS & CLARK, which reestablished Superman as DC's pre-eminent hero and also introduced his son Jon. As part of DC's incredibly popular 2016 REBIRTH effort, Dan wrote two titles. The first was DC Comics' longest running title, ACTION COMICS, which debuted on newsstands in 1938, starring SUPERMAN. Dan revitalized the Man of Steel with a different approach and continued that all way through ACTION COMICS #1000.Dan also took over BATMAN BEYOND, which tells the story of BATMAN forty years in the future. Dan continues with that title today while also writing the adventures of Dick Grayson in NIGHTWING. Dan joined the podcast to discuss his accomplished career. https://danjurgens.com/ https://www.dccomics.com/
00:00:00 10/9/2021
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Michael Angeli is a screenwriter, Executive Producer, author and a former celebrity profiler for such magazines as Playboy, Cosmopolitan, and Esquire. As a journalist, he covered sports and pop culture for The New York Times, Los Angeles Magazine, Details, and Sports Illustrated. He is co-author of the autobiography of Chyna, a World Wrestling Federation performer a.k.a. Joanie Laurer and ghost-wrote the Rosanne Barr autobiography, "My Lives", and is credited on the fly page. His television credits include Black Sails, Twilight Zone, The Code, Now and Again, Cover Me, Medium, Monk, Touching Evil (U.S. version), In Plain Sight, Law & Order: SVU, ESPN's first drama, Playmakers, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, and Battlestar Galactica spin-off/prequel, Caprica. He is best known as a writer and co-executive producer for Syfy's remake of Battlestar Galactica. Among his accolades, he was nominated for an Emmy Award for Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series for his work on the Battlestar Galactica and was nominated for an Edgar Award for Best Episode in a TV Series, for his work on "Mr. Monk and the 12th Man". In 2005, Angeli and the creative staff of the drama series, "Battlestar Galactica" won a Peabody Award. Check out his blog @ https://substack.com/profile/22148353-michael-angeli
00:00:00 10/3/2021
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Grady Craig, VP of Business Development & Operations joined us this week for the podcast. After selling the company that put him through college, Grady joined BondIt Media Capital and Buffalo 8 in 2018 as the first employee in company history. Now, the VP of Business Development and Operations, Grady is responsible for sourcing high-quality projects, investment structuring and analysis, business development, and supporting the companies' operations. His versatility serves indie screenwriters, directors, and filmmakers alike, as he's developing, packaging and pitching a number of original feature films and episodic series on his Executive Producing slate. He holds dual degrees in Economics and Film Studies, with a concentration in Entrepreneurship, from Boston College, and he's spoken at events around the world, including the Cannes Film Festival, The American Film Market, and the International Screenwriter's Association. BondIt and Buffalo 8 are financing and executive producing countless major film productions starring John Travolta, Martin Lawrence, Megan Fox, Bruce Willis, John Malkovich, Robert De Niro, Luke Wilson, and so many more. This is perhaps the hottest company in the entertainment industry right now. Not an interview you want to miss. Check out Grady Craig. Grady Craig's IMDb https://www.imdb.com/name/nm9967018/?ref_=pro_nm_visitcons BondIt https://bondit.us/ Buffalo 8 https://buffalo8.com/ ABS Payroll https://abspayroll.com/ Sizzle Reel https://youtu.be/yBm1IPC20NA
00:00:00 9/27/2021
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Arbour Season is an indie/folk husband and wife band, who draw inspiration from the incredible adventures they experience all across North America in their Bus/home. Their unique journey inspires the ambient folk sound that captures the serenity of the Western vistas, the rhythms of the Eastern coastlines, and the brilliance of the national forests. They express their passion for life through music and invite you to travel with them by listening to the intricate instrumentation, layered harmonies and lyrics that tell their stories. Shane Anderson from the band joins us today to talk creativity, music and his history with his wife, Emily, the other half of Arbour Season.
00:00:00 9/22/2021
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Steven Jay Rubin is a writer, producer, film historian and documentarian. He made his producing debut for Showtime in 2002 on the baseball comedy, "Bleacher Bums," starring Brad Garrett, Charles Durning, Peter Riegert and Wayne Knight. Thereafter, he produced the Hallmark World War II drama, "Silent Night," starring Linda Hamilton and "Archie's Final Project," which is currently on Netflix. Steven is considered one of the leading world authorities on the James Bond movies and has written six books on the topic. He additionally has nine books, including the new Twilight Zone Encyclopedia.
00:00:00 9/19/2021
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Astronaut Scott Kelly joins the podcast to candidly discuss living in space and his books Endurance and Infinite Wonder. He is a former military fighter pilot and test pilot, an engineer, a retired astronaut and retired United States Navy captain. A veteran of 4 space flights, Kelly was commander of the International Space Station for 3 expeditions and was a member of the yearlong mission to live in space at the ISS. In 2015, he set the record for the total accumulated number of days spent in space by an American astronaut.
00:00:00 9/12/2021
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Season Two kicks off with iconic Happy Days actor Donny Most. He is probably best known for his co-starring role as Ralph in the long running television series "Happy Days," where he worked with such emerging talents as Ron Howard and Garry Marshall. We talk about those early years during this interview and about director Jerry Paris from the Dick Van Dyke Show, Penny Marshall and Robin Williams, who touched the iconic show in one way or another. Also, Don describes John Lennon's surprise visit to the Happy Days set. This television icon talks about working on the hit TV show Glee, voicing his character on The Family Guy and the feature film "ED TV", directed by Ron Howard. We also sneak in a discussion about his burgeoning singing career and a few new projects.
00:00:00 9/5/2021
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Charles Wachter is an Emmy award-winning Executive Producer and author, having written and produced over thirty-five television series and films. He graduated from Yale University and has a master's degree from NYU Graduate film. He is presently the Executive Producer of HOLEY MOLEY & CELEBRITY DATING GAME at ABC and is the Author of bestselling book THE TWIN PARADOX, which has recently been optioned by Dick Cook Studios. His prior credits include hits such as Fear Factor, Food Revolution and American Gladiators.
00:00:00 9/3/2021

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