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Men Can't Say That Word!!! 🤨🤭🤣

It's a whole Lotta words and stuff that I don't wanna see or hear a man do, or say y'all, …. like, I am so sincere, and I am so particular… because in the slightest way, you can look Suss these days!!! 🤣🤣🤣 --- Send in a voice message:
00:03:52 1/27/2024

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Say I'm lyin?! 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣 #Jokes on 10!!! Thanks for listening to the BoxingStellaPodcast and be sure to share w/friends, on your social media - TAG @boxingstellapodcast on IG/TIkTok and visit me online for merch: --- Send in a voice message:
00:04:15 1/27/2024
Yall know this done happened to you!!! y'all just don't be wanting to say nothing and that's why I'm here for you, I say the shit that you don't want to 😝😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣 --- Send in a voice message:
00:09:54 1/20/2024
So yeah! Still extending Season 13 bc I'm still working on Season 14!!! I have to be patient so yall do too 😝 Thanks to all of you who send me DM's telling me to keep going and that you love my content, and that my pain is my gain or just supporting me in general and joining my platform, I really appreciate it and keep listening!!! --- Send in a voice message:
00:08:56 1/13/2024
If you've never had a "Broke" period - well, I'm happy for you but some of us Babybeeeee been on the struggle bus a time or two!!! I'm not on it right now, thank God almighty!!! But… whew chiiiile!!! Give thanks for every little thing you have bc just like the business cycle goes up & down, so does life! Roll with it with Grace or you'll been run down w/ Anger & Resentment and what purpose would that serve? ☮️ + ❤️ is my mission. I'm living the dream. 💭 😏 Stay Tuned, I have some surprises for S14… --- Send in a voice message:
00:06:13 12/14/2023
#ASMR Rain in the Background…. I'm tryna tell ya something….. seriously watch who you eff with in this life, cuz some folk ain't about the BS!!! Some folk are juss tryna live by a specific code of ethics and keep things peaceful and THAT person right there is NOT the one you wanna mess with. I've seen many individuals get mucked up behind their mouth and their attitude runnin up on or against the wrong MFKR on the right day & their card was pulled. I'm all for ☮️ & prosperity but I am still mixed with, "Phuck around and find out!" 😂🤣✊🏽 Stay Safe Y'all. #realrawrare --- Send in a voice message:
00:08:29 12/10/2023
#ASMR Rain sounds in the background… I'm realizing now that this has happened to me more than once but I left every time, and I may not have left for those specific reasons because they were unbeknownst to me at the time. But! As a Divinely guided & Highly Spiritually protected female with a pure heart - I will always be removed from Toxic situations eventually. I do not play games because that's how people get killed or severely hurt. But fellas, why not try to be "That Guy" for real?! Why not actually hold out for the Woman who doesn't need all of these tactics to like you? Are you that insecure that you don't believe she or any Woman could actually Like/Love you for YOU? Well, of course not if you're playing stupid games w/her ❤️ just to what…??? Say you got her, see look man… she so in love w/me… I can do anything to her! No sir. If you wanna hold back a bit that's understandable, not revealing too much, sure you may even be a bit busy but just not taking time to call, text, or be available except for sporadically.. No real Woman is gonna accept this. Be careful who you mess with bc some Women/People are Divinely protected. Sometimes, fellas, you could be being tested by God himself, sending you a beautiful woman, and I'm not just talking about her looks, I mean beautiful on the inside – he will send her to you to test you to give you one more chance at real love, or A chance at real Love (this is not easy to come by these days - it's a gift to find someone you're compatible w/and you actually like them 😂) and you're gonna turn around and look a gift horse in the mouth and get your teeth kicked out (figuratively of course) 😅😂😂😂😂🤷🏽‍♀️🙄 Oh Well. I digress. --- Send in a voice message:
00:30:05 12/10/2023
*ASMR Sound in Background -We all go through things in life, some people hide their feelings and keep everything inside, and some people are more vocal, I am one of the latter.. because I know how important it is to not hold things inside, it is not a healthy way to handle issues in life, and I refuse to hold onto other peoples garbage or even my own having to do with other people, it can all go because it does not serve me to hold onto it, or people who don't want to be held onto. Trust me when I say there's true power in walking away from what or who no longer serves your life, because just as they don't owe you anything – nor do you owe them anything. Knowing when to fold is necessary in life when dealing with people and their energy. Energy over everything!!! It's the one thing that doesn't lie 😏 trust your instincts --- Send in a voice message:
00:38:48 12/8/2023
They comin up with more & more weird stuff everyday! Some stuff I'm diggin, like I think it would be cool to have a personal AI Robot!!! Do you agree? Lemme know via message or just answer the Question via Spotify.. Anyway, thanks for tuning in to the Boxing Stella Podcast.. Don't forget to Share your fav Episode/s 🥰 --- Send in a voice message:
00:07:55 11/7/2023
Listen! I know my stories be extreme, but what y'all don't know is I typically get them from Instagram posts or my own life, I just don't always tell you all my sources because a girl has to have her secrets!!! 😂🤣😂🤣 thanks for staying tuned into the BoxingStella podcast, be sure to go visit my website and grab some BSP merchandise! 🥰 I'll love you foreverrrrr --- Send in a voice message:
00:06:28 11/4/2023
I swear Instagram gets dumber & dumber by the day! The ish ppl post is hilarious and helpful bc at least we can see how ppl really are and stay tf away from their nonsense!!! 😂🤷🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ Meanwhile, check out the Urban Book of Questions on Amazon, Kindle, B&N, and Gumroad (EBook) - Filled w/over 1000 Qs to get to know yourself and others better while having fun! #datingbible #liqbook Follow @LifeinQuestionBrand on Instagram & @boxingstellapodcast on IG/TikTok --- Send in a voice message:
00:08:53 10/31/2023

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