After living in a haunted house for years and and learning more and more about what goes bump in the night my son Trenton and I have decided to bring our knowledge and love for the paranormal to the world of podcasting and YouTube. Weekly we will sit down and talk about what's new in the news in the world of the paranormal from ghosts, cryptids, aliens, or anything of the unexplained.


Ghost Freak'n Talk'n Podcast

Episode 075: Haunted Guitar & Chained Lady In White

We hit the 75th episode milestone here on GFT! This week we talk Zak from Ghost Adventures buying a haunted guitar, and a local to us ghost story written in to a local facebook page about a ghostly woman in white chained to a gate along a dark spooky road.
00:00:00 9/9/2021

Past Episodes

Ghost Freak'n Talk'n Podcast
We return from our summer break with more spooky fun with the GFT gang! This week we catch up on a bunch of things included a mirror that gave Nick nightmares and Mothman makes his presence known at the Wisconsin State Fair and was rocking out to some Skillet!
00:00:00 9/1/2021
Ghost Freak'n Talk'n Podcast
After a few weeks off we are back with a brand new podcast where we talk a living nightmare of waking up in blood of a dead man, our friend Mothman is back in Chicago, and are aliens from the water and not space?
00:00:00 6/7/2021
Ghost Freak'n Talk'n Podcast
This weeks episode we take a look at the possible serial killer in our town of Rockford Illinois, we debate on if there is one or isnt one after tik tokers make it go world wide, and we also dive into the Navy disclosing they have spotted UFO's, now named UAFs "unidentified aerial phenomena"
00:00:00 5/6/2021
Ghost Freak'n Talk'n Podcast
This week we catch up after a couple weeks off and talk about our experience hunting Tinker Swiss Cottage in Rockford IL with Haunted Rockford, and we read the story of an IL man that bowls a 300 game with his Dads ashes in his ball.
00:00:00 4/29/2021
Ghost Freak'n Talk'n Podcast
Tonight we talk what you need to disclose to sell your haunted house and we dive into the world of Rapper Lil Nas X and his upsetting 666 Satan shoes
00:00:00 4/1/2021
Ghost Freak'n Talk'n Podcast
This week we celebrate episode 69 as we go over the paranormal evidence we found during our investigation at Wolf Hollow that was released on YouTube this week.
00:00:00 3/21/2021
Ghost Freak'n Talk'n Podcast
This week Newsroom Nessie and Nick dive into the survival guide of the CDC on how to survive a Zombie Apocalypse
00:00:00 3/11/2021
Ghost Freak'n Talk'n Podcast
In this weeks episode we dedicate the whole episode to Reincarnation and tell the stories of some real reincarnation experiences.
00:00:00 3/10/2021
Ghost Freak'n Talk'n Podcast
This week we talk current personal paranormal experiences along with a couple news stories as well, one a man kills three people and then serves one of their hearts to his family, and a man converts his uncles bones into a fully working heavy metal guitar!
00:00:00 2/25/2021
Ghost Freak'n Talk'n Podcast
Trent takes the reigns of the show and sinks this ship to the bottom of the sea as he interviews his girlfriend Gabby aka Yo Gabby Gabby as she tells us her spooky real life experiences with the paranormal.
00:00:00 2/17/2021

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