Three childhood friends in their mid thirties interview eclectic guests and talk about current events from an uninformed male perspective. Listen to their comedic take on life, marriage, friendship and awkward everyday situations. Join them every Monday at 8:00 am for their expert MMA analysis of the most up to date UFC and Bellator news and fights.


The Donkey Show Podcast

That RE RE - Ep. 43

Funny anecdotes and every day situations. UFC recaps and is Connor Mcgregor still relevant?!?
01:07:02 9/6/2019

Past Episodes

The Donkey Show Podcast
Bryan becomes addicted to percocets and reviews the new Chappelle Netflix stand up special. The guys play "know your hoe" and try to figure out photo captions for insta hoes. UFC featherweight fighter Josh Emmett comes on the show and shares that he would like to fight Brian Ortega or Jose Aldo. Josh also talks about his life in the UFC as a fighter and a fan and tells the guys about the underground bar in Europe.
00:57:17 8/30/2019
The Donkey Show Podcast
The Amazon is on fire and no one seems to care. There's a pornstar living in the tunnels of Vegas, and is it possible to have sex nonstop for an hour? The guys breakdown UFC 241 main card and predict whats next for Daniel Cormier. Nate Diaz comes in hot against Anthony Pettis. Yoel Romero and Paulo Costa stay hot on steroids and win fight of the night.
01:08:11 8/23/2019
The Donkey Show Podcast
The guys go down the conspiracy rabbit hole of staged suicides, pizzagate, sex islands, and simulation theory. They ask themselves why Henry Cejudo wants to fight women and give their predictions for UFC 241. The guys play "which table y'all sitting at?" UFC edition and determine which table would have the most booze and drugs.
00:58:46 8/16/2019
The Donkey Show Podcast
Mexican housewives of Texas have arrived with their hot accents and drug lord dressed up as a little girl tries to escape a Brazilian prison. The guys determine that the Trumps paid Robbie Lawler to throw the fight and no one still talking about Colby Covington. Cris Cyborg becomes a street fighter and the guys breakdown shitty UFC fighter nicknames.
00:38:20 8/9/2019
The Donkey Show Podcast
Crying over tv shows and Mario Lopez getting attacked by the trans community. The guys play "guess the race" and things get super racist and super sexist. The guys also giver their predictions for the Colby Covington vs, Robbie Lawler fight.
01:00:32 8/2/2019
The Donkey Show Podcast
Do steroids make certain sports more entertaining? and do strip clubs have decent food? Ian Butler comes into the studio to announce his next Bellator fight and talks about steroid use in MMA. They breakdown the RDA and Leon Edwards fight and ask if Greg Hardy is only getting attention in the UFC because of his domestic abuse charge.
00:57:24 7/26/2019
The Donkey Show Podcast
Is disclosure needed when having sex with a transexual? relationships and one night stand rules apply? The guys breakdown UFC 239 and predict that Amanda Nunes will need to fight a man next. Urijah Faber comes back with a vengeance and Wes gets really excited about Luke Rockhold's body.
00:52:22 7/19/2019
The Donkey Show Podcast
What does a vagina that use to be a penis feel like? Peru has shitty animal predators and an all animal olympics. Bare Knuckle Queen Bec Rawlings guest stars and talks about her new Bellator fight contract. Bec shares her experiences during her bare knuckle spree and plays fuck, marry, kill with UFC fighters.
00:46:41 6/28/2019
The Donkey Show Podcast
UFC fighter Ashlee Evans-Smith comes back into the studio to make geography bets, talk about her upcoming fight in Uruguay, and breaks down how USADA tests UFC fighters. They get into girls smelling dicks, black films, and a list on which country has men with the biggest dicks.
01:03:31 6/21/2019
The Donkey Show Podcast
Black Mirror making gay video games. The guys get in a heated argument whether woman feel pain when they get hit on the crotch. Plus the guys breakdown UFC 238 and watch UFC fights to see a fighter lose.
01:10:07 6/14/2019

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