The academy aims to educate dental professionals on the benefits of using mono implants, a groundbreaking technology that has been used successfully outside the US for over two decades. With mono implants recently FDA-approved and now available in the United States, dental professionals can now offer patients an affordable and effective solution for FULL MOUTH implants. They are superior to All-on-4™, cost less, and easier to learn and place. It's flapless surgery with ZERO bone reduction. Learn More on My Website:  


Mono Implant Academy

Mono Implants And CERIC Dentistry

I want to talk about Mono implants and ceric Dentistry so many of you have serif machines and are comfortable in doing single crowns on a daily basis same-day crowns and the great thing about Mono implants is it allows you to take those same skill sets and bring that same Talent technology you may already have and apply it to immediate Implant Dentistry so what you're essentially doing with the model implant is you're creating a titanium Crown prep above the gums and whether you prep it or bend the neck or shape it based on how you need for your Circa restoration we have proven for a long time now that you can put either a temporary crown or even a permanent uh Sarah crown on that implant again based on the primary stability at the time of surgery and how well you got that implant into the bone but we can use the technology we used every day to do what we call a tooth in a day where we are placing a final Sarah crown on a mono implant patients going home and it's essentially all done in less than a two-hour appointment.
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Mono Implant Academy

Single implant dentistry which is one of the most common things that we see on a daily basis mono implants again have some major advantages over conventional two-piece implants now I've placed six implant systems of 14 years and I started all of my original systems with two piece we know the flow we know of the larger osteotomy it's a barrier to do a healing cap we know you know that that's a four-month healing period then before the patient has it the patient's complaining they can't have anything there they've got a flipper or a clear scent you know that's kind of the standard of how we do it when you're doing a mono implant because these are designed to be immediate loading where

you can self-tap self-thread Osteo condense the bone as you place it in a much easier less invasive fashion than any conventional implant system I've ever placed you actually can put a prosthesis that day whether it's a temporary crown whether it's a permanent crown but these are essentially become bloodless final end result crown and bridge you can prep the heads bend them do things that you can't do at different angles uh with mono and mono bendable implants that again allow you to offer what we call tooth in the day for a patient okay it is torque dependent it's surgery dependent it's not every single time because I know that some of you are going to say that however the majority of the time once you get good at placing this which happens very very quickly you'll be able to confidently place an implant in place at least a temporary restoration aesthetically looks beautiful that same day on the patient so that they're never going without anything there and you've accelerated that process by four months of what the standard process is.
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Mono Implant Academy

I am talking about an overbuilt platform when you're doing full Arch all Linux Dentistry all on monos one of the things that we strive to do and almost always can achieve because of the sizes of the implants and how we can put these in places that you normally can't with a two-piece conventional implants is we try to over build the platform so when I do full Arch implantology full Arch prosthesis on implants my goal is to do a minimum of eight maximum of 12. so 8 to 12 mono implants essentially almost one for one of an implant and a two socket at that point and one of the reasons that we over build the platform is for longevity so over the course of a patient's lifetime we know what things happen we know that implants can fail and when you have all N4 if one of the four implants fails the entire system the entire prosthesis fails you've got to take it all off and start over and with a new implant build a new prosthesis when you have 12 monos or 10 monos there's enough structure there's enough titanium to Bone surface area over the entire system and the prosthesis themselves do not have long unsupported cantilever spans there's no on you know long spans of unsupported zirconium that if one fails the entire system doesn't fail if one fails you can section that out remove it surgically graft it and flap it back and the entire system can actually remain so again over building it with monos gives you a far superior solution for patients far longevity solution for your practice and for patients it's just Superior in every way.
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Mono Implant Academy

Now we know you heard about four, I want to show you what all on Manos looks like now in this example this is actually all on eight okay when I do full art Sean monos I generally Place minimum of eight up to 12 implants we're trying to replicate what Nature has done into a one-for-one relationship a one implant in each socket whether it's a media or a fully healed dentist Ridge so in this case you can see what we have recreated is crown and Bridge crown and Bridge Dentistry this is not complicated like the other all NX systems are okay where you are literally replicating teeth titanium Crown preps one by one if you can do crown and Bridge work you can restore mono implants it's just that simple and this is what's called an fp1 prosthesis another advantage of mono implants especially on Terminal dentition when we're removing all of the teeth and placing the implants at the exact same time is because the implants retain the bone because they're designed to be immediately low we can put them in the socket the bone heals right to the original level we want to do everything in our case with model and plant large to preserve every last little bit of bone that we can which allows us to do what's called an sp1 prosthesis now an fp1 prosthesis is teeth only there's no pink gums there's not another centimeter of bone that was resected as an all-in-4 in order to have the prosthetic room and have it thicken up because there's no cantilevers we have more sizes more shapes all the way down to six millimeters narrow down to 2.4 wide up to 18 millimeters long where we can fit mono implants in essentially places you cannot fit conventional implantology we can prep the heads we can bend the necks we can basically adapt the implants to fit the patient not make the patient adapt to the implants but this is the ultimate which is again an fp1 tooth only crown and Bridge prosthesis that we can permanently cement on and in this case again eight mono implant but in our standard of care we over build the platform we don't want to do all on floor even all on six why not do all in ten all on 12 if you have the bone in the room to do it again overbuilt platform creates longevity for the patient for the rest of their life.
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Mono Implant Academy

Hi I am Dr. Jared Van Ittersum and I want to talk today about Mono dental implants single one piece implants and why they are superior than the traditional two-piece conventional implants that leaves in the United States for decades now so the main difference between one and many differences and why it's Superior with a mono dental implant is that the osteotomy the actual surgical preparation is far less invasive these are self-tapping self-threading essentially screws okay that are implants that are threading into the bone at times sometimes it's literally just a pin prick to the cortical plate and they will Osteo condense and self-thread in and there's different tools special tools that we make that for the patient experience and for the surgeons experience is uh in just a far superior system overall the other reason why mono implants are superior is because they're actually stronger they are monolithic titanium the same exactanea titanium used in every other implant system that is not hollowed out they don't have to accept left an internal screw so there is no rim of thin titanium to hold in a screw that can fracture over the occlusal forces with clenching and grinding over time so they're actually stronger even though they can be a lot narrower and smaller and be fit in more places the other reason probably one of the most important reasons that they are superior is because they don't have a two-piece interface because they're monolithic titanium there's no line or Gap even though it's microscopic at the abutment or the abutment crown and implant interface that we know bacteria likes to get into creates a biofilm creates perium plantitis over time and we all know we've seen implants we get that a little bit of bone loss on the conventional tubes implant we know platform switching has tried to control that make it better but you'll always have a gap that bacteria will create a biofilm and get perium plantitis periumplantitis does not exist with mono implants it's just not a factor and the studies show for the last 20 years that implantitis is not part of monounology.
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Mono Implant Academy

Now I wanna talk about all-on-4 versus all on monos, cause there's a very big difference, so with all-on-4, I hate to say it's a fairly barbaric procedure so because you're putting a ARPs prosthesis on only 4 implants and you're putting them at angles in front of you know, in the anterior regions. That span has to have a certain thickness because there's such a long cantilevered unsupported, without being implant material, they'll snap. 

So standard care on the floor is because you need that vertical height so you don't have the Cam lever you have to reset a grow test amount of bone off okay anybody's ever seen on floor knows what I'm talking about where they're gonna flashed back you reset up to centimeter um in the worst case scenario of vertical bone and then place your in plans okay it's in my opinion the worst way to do I would never wanna done to myself I would never wanna do a family member knowing what I know that there's a better solution out there okay and again that's why I'm the only for view option C the pink because that was bone that was rejected away okay now the all on mondo large purchases that we teach and we place every I mean in practice is again what we call an S P one processes a PC this is S P one as you can see it's T okay.

With no gone because we want to preserve the maximum amount of bone is a zero bone loss zero bone removal surgical procedure so when we are in immediate case removing teeth okay we're not flapping everything back we're H dramatically removing the teeth and we're putting modeling plants one in every single socket grabbing that bone getting quite a quarter Cole a C relation of in plans prepping bending next to fit the prosthesis and we're essentially creating a Crown and bridge full arch all on eight all on ten all on twelve my goal is to get as many implants in as I possibly can over building the platform when I do my own X cases um minimum eight you know maximum twelve uh because again what we're doing by over billed it is our creating long Jesse okay we're preserving bone we're creating essentially Crown bridge um better for the patient better for the post op better for the better for cleanse ability better for aesthetic superior for aesthetics 'cause we preserve Phyllis we preserve interdental bone they look far more natural in their appearance um and again if if I had my choice in my mouth would I want all that bone respected away to get the same and resolve which is a full arch sir Coney bridge or would I want zero bone removable I'll go as a zero one removable and almost every single day.
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