Skateboarding - Talking about skateboarding with and among friends. Over 100 years of experience between the trio. Take it or leave it.


pushin' time skateboarding podcast

Skateboarding - What West Side Phoenix Skaters are Talkin' 'Bout

Our initial episode gives a our opinion on skating. Plain and simple. Skateboarding - this is just a test, but I wanted to let you know what's up. We talking about: The absolute graceful skating of GINO IANNUCCI (Mouse Video) - Primitive vs April Skateboards Freestyle shit Switch Skating Bro Hugs - Just Stop it... Blindside skating Skating up until you can't skate anymore the Rules of skateboarding and other stuff. You may say it's a rant, but its a rant that needs to take the shine off of the new-ness of skateboarding. Talking about skating with and among friends. Take it or leave it.
00:20:00 8/8/2019

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