Imagine you wake up tomorrow morning to discover that your digital existence and everyone else's has been stolen and is now available online for all to see at the website NoMoreLies. Every text message and email you ever sent or received; browser history and personal data from every website you ever used; confidential and revealing information from every app on your phone are all there for others to peruse. Your phone's GPS history, your income and financial data, your medical records, audio/video footage from your home security system, personal photos, and phone app activity are in the public domain. Even audio and video from your computer/tablet/phone/Amazon Echo you didn't know were recorded is out there. Moreover, the leak is not just limited to personal data. Government and corporate secrets are on display for all. Privacy is dead. (



Privacy is Dead - Day One

The most damaging hack in history has forever changed the world. Carol Stewart, a hardened D.C. Police captain must deal with the criminal chaos stemming from NoMoreLies while protecting her own secrets. Her career, her life and the security of those she swore to protect are in jeopardy. Carol takes a "no half-measures" approach to her survival.
00:46:20 5/27/2021

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