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The Oh Fo Podcast


This part 2 from last week's episode got kinda intense with the basketball talk. We discuss Klay Thompson, Lebron and Jordan.
01:28:37 5/19/2022

Past Episodes

The Oh Fo Podcast
In this split episode, the guys talk about the Westminster College Porn course. It's wild!
01:11:33 5/12/2022
The Oh Fo Podcast
Greg feared for the Warriors lives, Dorran was in the car and Corey was reading some tweets.
01:15:45 5/5/2022
The Oh Fo Podcast
The guys talk NBA playoffs, Nets exit and the complexity of KD and Kyrie.
01:30:48 4/28/2022
The Oh Fo Podcast
Lets just say, don't commit a crime with any of us around.
01:21:24 4/22/2022
The Oh Fo Podcast
Play-In, playoffs, liquid silver and much much more on this week's episode.
01:31:40 4/16/2022
The Oh Fo Podcast
The 04 boys finally complete their tournament of the best comedy movie of all time.
01:43:53 4/7/2022
The Oh Fo Podcast
This was supposed to be a joint episode, but it didn't work out like that, lol. We talk about the "slap gate"/the slap heard around the world.
01:38:30 4/2/2022
The Oh Fo Podcast
The 04 Boys talk Charles Oakley, Evolution and Herschel Walker and The Moon Landing.
01:44:14 3/19/2022
The Oh Fo Podcast
The 04 boys have a good ole debate about the NBA top 10 rankings. They also tackle the Sweet 16 of their Comedy Movie Bracket.
01:47:32 2/24/2022
The Oh Fo Podcast
The 04 boys make the 2nd round picks for the Comedy Movie Bracket, the injury to Anthony Davis, and if they think Matthew Stafford is a Hall of Fame.
02:03:19 2/18/2022

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