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The Oh Fo Podcast

Another Bro Fo Or Whatever You Want To Call It Joint Episode

The guys talk about JSU Football, the Sonic Boom of the South and Greg doesn't like Caleb Williams.
01:37:45 11/5/2023

Past Episodes

The Oh Fo Podcast
The guys talk about the legend that is shaft among other things
01:36:49 10/28/2023
The Oh Fo Podcast
The 04 Boys get back to their normally scheduled profane ways. Niggas be niggling and the gang bang championships.
01:31:27 10/8/2023
The Oh Fo Podcast
The guys are finally all together to talk the Colorado win, the JSU loss and make some NFL predictions
01:04:32 9/9/2023
The Oh Fo Podcast
Our attempt at a comeback with a joint episode didn't go as planned. We were gone so long we had to give you something lol. So, here it goes. Well back for much more. Stay tuned.
00:51:37 9/3/2023
The Oh Fo Podcast
The 04 boys talk about what would be in their Befuddle Bar, a little bit of KeKe Palmer issue and the healthcare scam.
01:22:43 7/8/2023
The Oh Fo Podcast
On this special return episode on Independence Day, the 04 boys try to catch up on all the things that happened during their time away from the show.
01:03:30 7/4/2023
The Oh Fo Podcast
We're arguing about coaching again! Should Doc Rivers have been fired? Who else deserves the boot at head coach in the NBA?
01:53:22 5/21/2023
The Oh Fo Podcast
In another joint episode, Marice thinks the playoffs are rigged, what we know Trump is deep down and much more.
01:48:11 5/13/2023
The Oh Fo Podcast
The 04 Boys have a great debate on NBA coaches and more basketball.
01:16:58 5/5/2023
The Oh Fo Podcast
The 04m Boyz have a shootin' the breeze episode.
01:28:08 4/28/2023

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