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The Oh Fo Podcast

The Ugliest Show Award Goes To...?

The guys talk about the Adidas Kobe Bryant shoe and some of the Ugliest Jordan Retros. The guys also talk about the Sour Toe Cocktail.
01:38:51 1/31/2023

Past Episodes

The Oh Fo Podcast
The 04 Boys pick right back up where they left off.... back with the same non-sense. We're glad to finally be back with our first podcast of 2023. FUN TIMES AHEAD!!!
01:30:08 1/19/2023
The Oh Fo Podcast
The guys talk about Shannon Sharpe and Skipp Bayliss (mostly Shannon) JSU's 22nd Head Football Coach TC Taylor and a little bit more Deion Sanders.
01:38:49 12/15/2022
The Oh Fo Podcast
I bet you thought we forgot about you but we didn't! The people are in an uproar over the Coach Prime departure. The 04 boys discuss it
01:05:26 12/9/2022
The Oh Fo Podcast
Just know that this episode was all about forgiveness because it's been a lot of apologizing going on.
01:38:34 11/3/2022
The Oh Fo Podcast
The guys talk about the Kanye fall out and think pieces. They also argue about JSU football.
01:32:46 10/27/2022
The Oh Fo Podcast
The 04 Boys go down memory lane as they prepare for the JSU Homecoming festivities.
01:10:57 10/21/2022
The Oh Fo Podcast
You definitely don't want to miss out on this episode. We won't spoil it but you are really going to enjoy it. Just tune in to hear our guest on the show.
01:18:03 10/6/2022
The Oh Fo Podcast
Sorry for the wait guys, but we had been out sick and all that jazz. We are back today with some good conversation. You'll have to listen to find out what ridiculousness we talk about this episode. #applepodcast #spotifypodcast #podcastone #podcast1 #blackpodcasts #funnypodcasts #urbanculture #entertainment #movies #tv #music #HBCU #JSU
01:00:44 9/29/2022
The Oh Fo Podcast
In this joint episode of The I'm Just Sayin Bruh and Oh Fo podcasts, the guys talk about the dominant win of JSU over FAMU and more football. If you don't like football this episode ain't for you. #applepodcast #spotifypodcast #podcastone #podcast1 #blackpodcasts #funnypodcasts #urbanculture #entertainment #movies #tv #music #HBCU #JSU
01:30:21 9/9/2022
The Oh Fo Podcast
The 04 Boys talk the glizzy straw, R. Kelly, Worcestershire sauce and much more on this week's episode of the OH Fo Podcast. #applepodcast #spotifypodcast #podcastone #podcast1 #blackpodcasts #funnypodcasts #urbanculture #entertainment #movies #tv #music #sports #lifestyle #HBCU #JSU
01:16:21 8/25/2022

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