Introducing Sarah, the dynamic host of the acclaimed podcast "Conversations with Creatives." With an insatiable passion for storytelling and a talent for uncovering the extraordinary in the ordinary, Sarah has become a trusted curator of captivating narratives. Growing up in a vibrant metropolis, Sarah's inquisitive nature led her to explore a multitude of cultures and perspectives. Armed with a journalism degree and an insatiable thirst for knowledge, she set out to unearth the untold tales of artists, entrepreneurs, and innovators. Through her podcast, Sarah provides a platform for listeners to delve into the experiences and wisdom of extraordinary individuals who challenge the status quo. Whether she's engaging with a visionary filmmaker, a boundary-pushing designer, or a pioneering scientist, Sarah's authentic curiosity and infectious enthusiasm shine through in every episode. When she's not behind the microphone, Sarah can be found sampling the latest coffee blends, traversing scenic hiking trails, or engrossed in the pages of a compelling book. With her boundless energy and unwavering commitment to sharing captivating stories, Sarah continues to inspire and uplift her audience, one enlightening conversation at a time.


Caspian Everhart Podcast

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