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Small Stories: By Linda

The Brave Little Star

00:03:46 2/16/2024

Past Episodes

Small Stories: By Linda
00:03:26 12/28/2023
Small Stories: By Linda
In the heart of Whispering Woods, there lived a unique opossum named Olivia. Despite her unconventional appearance and misunderstood habits, such as hissing and playing dead, Olivia possessed extraordinary qualities.
00:04:34 11/18/2023
Small Stories: By Linda
Finn embarks on a quest to find the perfect best friend. Guided by the advice of a Wise Old Owl and encountering various forest creatures, Finn's search leads him to a mischievous raccoon named Riley. Despite initial surprises, Finn discovers that Riley is the perfect companion for adventures and laughter. Together, Finn and Riley explore the Enchanted Forest, facing challenges and celebrating victories.
00:03:11 11/17/2023
Small Stories: By Linda
In a peaceful meadow, a horse named Stardust is born with a stunning, cosmic-colored coat, thanks to his mother Luna's wish to the stars. Stardust embraces his uniqueness and becomes a beacon of self-acceptance in the meadow. He encourages other animals to celebrate their individuality, transforming the entire meadow into a kaleidoscope of colors and personalities. The story teaches the sweet moral that embracing and celebrating our differences not only adds color to our lives but also brightens the world around us. Each creature learns to let their true colors shine, inspired by Stardust's wisdom, fulfilling Luna's wish for a special and unique community.
00:03:34 11/16/2023
Small Stories: By Linda
A heartwarming children's story about a special dog with health issues waiting in a shelter for the perfect family. Despite her spine problems, Daisy is smart, loving, and kind, with a strong desire to help others. Families pass her by due to her health, but when a compassionate girl named Emily sees beyond appearances, Daisy's life takes a magical turn. Adopted by Emily's family, Daisy discovers a world of love and acceptance, proving that true beauty lies in the heart. The story teaches children about kindness, resilience, and the power of seeing beyond physical differences.
00:03:38 11/16/2023
Small Stories: By Linda
In the enchanting world of Barkington, Ruth, a spirited chihuahua, and her wise friend Sirius, an Afghan Hound, embark on a magical adventure at Wagwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry for Dogs. The discovery of the Ruth Stone, a powerful artifact, sets them on a quest to unlock its potential and thwart the nefarious plans of the Shadowweaver. Through moonlit trials, ancient prophecies, and the unveiling of the Ruth Stone's origins, Ruth and Sirius, along with their friends, face challenges that test their magical abilities and strengthen their bonds. The final confrontation with the Shadowweaver at the Forgotten Citadel leads to a radiant eclipse, cleansing the Ruth Stone and restoring balance to the magical realm. Wagwarts celebrates with a Moonlit Gala, marking the end of an extraordinary journey and the beginning of a new era where the Ruth Stone becomes a symbol of hope, unity, and the enduring magic of friendship.
00:17:09 10/25/2023
Small Stories: By Linda
One sunny morning, Calliope noticed her butterfly friends playing a game of hide-and-seek among the rainbow-colored petals. "Come join us, Calliope!" they chirped. Excited to be part of the fun, she joined in, flapping her dainty wings with joy.
00:04:41 8/29/2023
Small Stories: By Linda
One sunny morning, as Luna swam through the vibrant coral reefs, she noticed a mysterious underwater cave. Curiosity tugged at her heart, and with a sense of adventure, she decided to venture inside.
00:03:48 8/29/2023
Small Stories: By Linda
In the underwater kingdom of Coral Haven, young mermaid Marina dreams of exploring the ocean's depths and facing the Great Coral Challenge. With the guidance of wise sea turtle Sage and a magical pearl, Marina assembles a team of friends and overcomes challenges, including the mystical sea serpent Seraphina's tests of courage and wisdom.
00:04:10 8/2/2023
Small Stories: By Linda
In the magical land of Sugarville, a place entirely made of candy, a sweet and enchanting realm exists. The land is home to candy creatures and characters, including King Marshmallow who rules from a sugar castle.
00:04:39 8/2/2023

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