Ross Garber, a prominent impeachment attorney will navigate listeners through the current Presidential impeachment proceedings by leading frank discussions with top experts in an unbiased format.


Real Impeachment With Ross Garber

Ep. 6: Lanny Breuer, Clinton Special Counsel

Impeachment attorney Ross Garber speaks with Lanny Breuer, special counsel to former President Clinton during his impeachment. Breuer discusses the balance between representing the office, as he did, compared to representing the President personally. He also gives his thoughts on the Trump team's refusal to comply with subpoenas and Senators voting against calling witnesses in the Senate Impeachment Trial.
00:35:00 2/3/2020

Past Episodes

Real Impeachment With Ross Garber
In this episode, impeachment attorney Ross Garber discusses what to expect in a Senate Impeachment Trial with Senate rules guru James Wallner. Garber and Wallner go deep on whether there's a way for Democrats to get the testimony of John Bolton; the role of the Chief Justice; a way Trump could address the Senate himself without having to answer questions under oath; and more.
01:01:15 1/9/2020
Real Impeachment With Ross Garber
In this episode Ross speaks with former Congressman Bob Barr (R-GA). During the Clinton Impeachment Barr was a House manager, acting as a prosecutor during the Senate trial following President Clinton's impeachment in the House. Barr discusses how the Senate rules "cut the knees out from under" the House managers and what he expects from a potential Senate trial of President Trump.
00:35:00 12/16/2019
Real Impeachment With Ross Garber
On this week's episode superstar lawyer Abbe Lowell joins impeachment attorney Ross Garber. Lowell represented the House Democrats during the Clinton impeachment. He gives some behind the scenes perspective on the Clinton proceedings and talks about the mistakes he thinks the Democrats have made in the Trump impeachment process.
00:35:00 12/6/2019
Real Impeachment With Ross Garber
Ross is joined by Peter Baker Chief White House correspondent for the New York Times and author of The Breach: Inside the Impeachment and Trial of William Jefferson Clinton. Ross and Peter discuss the similarities and differences between the impeachment hearings of President Trump and President Clinton. As well as how the Senate trial of President Clinton provides clues for the possible trial of President Trump.
00:00:00 11/21/2019
Real Impeachment With Ross Garber
Welcome to the inaugural episode of Real Impeachment with Ross Garber. On the first episode impeachment attorney Ross Garber speaks with a fellow impeachment lawyer Alan Baron. Baron has represented the House of Representatives in four impeachment proceedings against federal judges. Baron worked closely on one of these impeachments with Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) who is now leading the House impeachment proceedings of President Trump. Baron speaks about the unique legal proceedings of impeachment, his interactions with Rep. Schiff and his thoughts on the strategies taken by both sides in the ongoing impeachment hearings.
00:00:00 11/18/2019

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