The mind of a young teenager is an odd and funny thing. Eli and his dad get together occasionally and discuss things they've done together, Eli's 5 siblings, and his astute observations as he sees the world as a high school freshman. You'll find frequent references to his passion for video games and more!


What's On Eli's Mind?

What's On Eli's Mind? | Puss n Boots | The Legend of Zelda

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00:38:16 3/4/2023

Past Episodes

What's On Eli's Mind?
Ep05: The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Recap | Moving Sucks When You're 12
00:25:23 4/29/2021
What's On Eli's Mind?
Toy Story talk, Eli reviews the Zack Snyder Justice League cut, new segment: 'What's In Dad's Beard' featuring ASMR talk, and who's the best 'Joker'?
00:36:11 3/24/2021
What's On Eli's Mind?

Join Eli and his dad this week as they discuss the reason retail stores and fast food establishments are located so close to each other. Who decides what and where to build first? Is this a thing? They also power rank the world's ugliest and cutest dog breeds. Do they agree? Thanks to for today's show!

00:32:44 2/23/2021
What's On Eli's Mind?
Eli talks about his XFL outting to see the very first game in Dallas Renegades history at Globe Life Park, he breaks down the new Sonic The Hedgehog Movie but with no spoilers, What if we had only one toe on each foot? How would it work and how big would it be? And is Sonic The Hedgehog ACTUALLY a CYCLOPS and we didn't know??? Thanks for listening! Check Eli out on twitter at @DarthGooose
00:00:00 2/28/2020
What's On Eli's Mind?
A somewhat new interest for the 11 year old Eli, and he and his dad Timm talk about the top 10 pistols/handguns of all time! Some have historical significance and some don't. Thanks for listening and let us know what you'd like to hear!
00:19:25 2/21/2020

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